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Women in Engineering - Essay Example

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Women have a major role to play in the engineering sector. This role can be emphasized upon by looking up recent news article clippings that have mentioned it. An analysis of the article quotes would further throw light onto the specific role of women in engineering with respect to the economic sector. …
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Women in Engineering
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Download file to see previous pages The first six clippings are analyzed in detail whereas the rest of them are summed up into an aggregate account in the end. The analysis throws light on the overall perspective which is affecting the economy of the US nation as a whole. FIRST CLIPPING “Women who leave engineering jobs after obtaining the necessary degree are significantly more likely to leave the field because of an uncomfortable work climate than because of family reasons, according to a study being undertaken at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).” (Science Daily, 2008) The above mentioned news clipping revolves around the most current problem that is being faced by women engineers nowadays. The overall ethical structure of the society and more importantly that of a workplace has deteriorated so very much that day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult for the fairer sex to take advantage of it. The above mentioned current problem is very moral negating. ...
The above research was the outcome of a latest study conducted in Milwaukee using about half a million grant by the National Science Foundation. The study was based on an online survey. Around 3700 women who had done their engineering degree from over 230 countries participated in the survey. Among the four type of respondents women who never entered their practical engineering field constituted a considerable part. THIRD CLIPPING “As the need for engineering professionals grows, educators and industry leaders are increasingly concerned with how to attract women to a traditional male career. A new University of Missouri study found the impact of the engineering curriculum and obstacles, including self-efficacy and feelings of inclusion, can impede women’s success in the predominantly male discipline of engineering.” (Science Daily, 2008) Engineering is a predominantly male discipline. The structural difficulties and obstacles encountered by students pursuing this career needs to be taken into account when realizing the reasons behind its being predominantly male. Engineering is mainly a tough field. The excessive hours spent in it along with the harsh conditions involved in the practical environment of engineering are not apart from the difficulties that are faced by engineering students during their studies. Rigid mathematical calculations involving calculus are just a few of the obstacles that the engineering curriculum involves. This scenario is making it troublesome for industrialists because lesser and lesser women are entering the field of engineering day by day. The need of the day is that steps should be taken that would persuade women and would convince them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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