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They are no longer considered the weaker sex because of the significant progress that they have made. Earlier parents used to discriminate between their children but that has…
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Roles of women
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Client’s 11 July Women have made remarkable progress in the recent past; they are no longer working behind the scenes. They are nolonger considered the weaker sex because of the significant progress that they have made. Earlier parents used to discriminate between their children but that has also completely stopped now, women have access to education these days which was restricted earlier and they have equal opportunities as their counterparts and they have been largely successful in making the most of resources that are available to them.
Earlier women were not allowed to hold executive posts in big companies but these days we have women CEOs and MDs heading several organizations and doing considerably well, this goes to show a lot about how times have changed.
Women were considered the weaker sex in the past and there are still areas where women are suppressed and denied what they truly deserve. Women have made significant progress in the past and they continue to prove several people wrong. They are no longer behind the four walls of the house, they have started accepting administrative roles and their performance has surprised many a people.
“After decades long battle for basic survival rights, women have broken free of their shackles universally and have unleashed the female power, a power that has changed the world. The 21st century has been a witness to the rise of women power.” (Women on Top)
The progress that women have made has been significant and their progress is not restricted to one field alone, they have managed to make significant progress in more fields than one and this has also knocked the stuffing out of people who thought that women were incapable of making progress in their lives. Women have greater control over household matters now but it was much different earlier, they are no longer subjected to abuse and they are no longer ignored as they once were in the past.
There were as many as 6700 women working as engineers in the year 1950, a great transition took place during 1940 to 1950. As mentioned earlier this decade was a very promising decade for the women and they grabbed this opportunity by the scruff of its neck. However this progress did not continue as expected, the rate of participation declined in the next decade. The problems for women kept mounting, the jobs in their area was hard to find. Their expertise was not valued and they were left unemployed. 91% of men worked as full time engineers whereas women were 20% less likely of getting a job in their area of expertise. This was again a big concern; the most promising decade for women was well and truly over. “According to Rose Mooney, the Associate Chief in charge of the x-ray structure at the Manhattan District’s Metallurgical laboratory in Chicago. There were many more physicists than engineers at the time, according to The Outlook for Women in Science, there were 950 women in engineering in 1946. Compared to the number of employed women engineers in 2003 which was 172, 300. (NSF2007)
These stats clearly go to show that women have come a long way and more progress can be expected of them in the near future. This will be really good for the overall growth of our society, women must march should to shoulder with their counterparts only then can we realize our true potential.
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Roles of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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