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Gender and Crime - Research Paper Example

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Gender and Crime Name University Abstract Due to recent studies regarding the gender gap within statistics of crime, felony has been highly associated with the male domain of society. This paper has been written to explore the possible truth behind the presumed notion through some of the functional definition of gender in society…
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Gender and Crime
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Extract of sample "Gender and Crime"

Download file to see previous pages It also gives sample researches that uphold the idea that the functional definition of gender affects individual’s self perception. This article also slightly discusses the shift when interaction between gender and crime changes when a third factor is put into account. Keywords: crime, gender, masculinity, Gender and Crime As a complex species capable of higher organization and sentience compared to other animals in this planet, man have been able to create a different social constructs to better serve his purpose and improve the overall functionality of society itself. Society is governed by particular directives and norms with which majority of the cohorts have agreed upon. As Goffman (1967) would have it: “A rule of conduct may be defined as a guide for action, recommended not because it is pleasant, cheap, or effective, but because it is suitable or just. Infractions characteristically lead to feelings of uneasiness and to negative social sanctions. Rules of conduct infuse all areas of activity and are upheld in the name and honor of almost everything. Always, however, a grouping of adherents will be involved – if not a corporate social life - providing through this a common sociological theme. Attachment to rules leads to a constancy and patterning of behavior; while this is not the only source of regularity in human affairs it is certainly an important one. Of course, approved guides to conduct tend to be covertly broken, side-stepped, or followed for unapproved reasons, but these alternatives merely add to the occasions in which rules constrain at least the surface of conduct.” However as with any group that operates in specific parameters, there are individuals bound to breach certain protocols whether it be forced upon by necessity or to own compliance. One particular example of breeching such standards is executing acts of crime. There are numerous factors that contribute to the causality of committing felony. For an organization such as a society to progress and develop, it must form an understanding of how its institutions become a factor for its constituents in fulfilling their respective obligations. One interesting aspect of society that can be studied is gender and its profound role in crime. When pondering gender as one of the facets that affect crime in society, several questions come into mind. What is the most prudent definition of gender in society? Given the working on the definition of gender, how is it related to crime? What have recent studies contributed towards the development of perceived gender gap in crime statistics? Gender can be considered as an institution that exists within the society and implies a certain level of organization regarding the segregation of the males and the females. Having recognized the biological and functional differences between these two very distinct but equally important entities of human species, categorization of individuals within a society as masculine and feminine was eventually formulated. There are several theories regarding the nature of gender and its position such as societal function, societal criteria or as an individual identifier separates it from the fundamental definition set by biological science. Among these theories of gender it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Gender and Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words)
Gender and Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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