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Economics of Race and Gender: Women in Engineering - Dissertation Example

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In the research paper “Economics of Race and Gender: Women in Engineering” the author focuses on gender-based discrimination. One manifestation of gender-based discrimination is the fact that men still dominate most industries around the world…
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Economics of Race and Gender: Women in Engineering
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Extract of sample "Economics of Race and Gender: Women in Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages In 2009, only 20% of all the engineering undergraduate students are female according to the National Science Foundation (“Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science & Engineering”). Furthermore, out of around 1.5 million Engineers, only 13% are women (“Women”). These statistics clearly show that men comprise most of the people in Engineering and that women in Engineering are underrepresented. Understanding this gender disparity is the first step in discussing the economics of women in Engineering.
One of the reasons that the minority of women in Engineering enroll in this field is their love for math and science. Appreciation for these two subjects is essential in entering Engineering courses for the reason that math and science are the foundation of studying Engi offering. In the past, there is a 13:1 boy to girl ratio who scored above 700 in SAT math exam at the age of 13 (Hill, Corbett, and St. Rose, Andresse 14). Although this ratio has drastically reduced over time, girls still lack interest and courage in pursuing math courses. Perhaps, stereotyping that boys are better than girls in mathematics has resulted from girls to have low self-assessment in their abilities in this subject despite high grades (Hill et al. 15). This also leads them to think that engineering courses are for men and that it will be difficult for them to enter this field.
Research also shows that men continue to do better in spatial skills than women (Hill et al. 15). This innate ability also helps men to be more equipped in dealing with Engineering subjects. But there are times when women perform well as much as men do in spatial skills when this ability is nurtured. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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