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Relationship Between SES and Child development in the United States - Essay Example

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Homeless Children in Florida & the United States: What Can We Do About It? Introduction: Florida is the fourth highest populated state in United States and thirtieth in the nation. Because of this growing population there are many people who are becoming homeless…
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Relationship Between SES and Child development in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Many organizations are collecting funds from common people to provide education to these children’s. These societies are putting their best effort for saving child from the condition of homelessness. They also invite donations from different people so that these children can also live like normal human beings. The main aim of these societies is to save homeless children from various serious diseases because most of the homeless children die because of these serious diseases. These hardworking teams are also spreading awareness of homeless children. Many help lines are also provided by these organizations so that if any person fined any child who is begging for basic necessities, then he can immediately contact on these numbers to give the information in right hands so that the child can be saved from every danger. Objective: The primary objective of this thesis is to figure out the main problems the homeless children in Florida and United States are facing. What are their living status, what they do expect from us and finally what we can do for those children? Concise Review: As a responsible citizen it is our duty to be sensitive regarding the homeless children. As a civilized society we all should have to contribute our services in terms of funds, physical help or whatever we can do. Concise Review of the Literature If we make estimation then there are more than one million children in United States who are surviving without shelter. The lives of these children are prone to various serious diseases like speech problems, asthma attacks, problem in stomach due to improper digestion and many more. Many of these children die because of high depression. Many of these children are threatened by their family because the family of these children suffers from low budget due to losses in business or due to some other reasons. These children’s are forced to abandon their houses. But after that the life of these people become worse and they reduce their learning capabilities. The worst part in this action is that most of the children are under the age of 6 years. And the lives of the children under the age of 6 years affect more. Researches form “National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH)” claimed that within a single year there are 30% children who are dispossessed from their houses, 22% children get separated from their family, at least 25% of children faces act of violence from their family. So for these children there are many societies and organizations like “Homeless Children America” who are working for these little kids. These organizations aimed at saving lives and for providing basic necessities to these children’s (Natalie Thompson, 2011). These organizations are focusing to eliminate child’s homelessness from United States. They are negotiating with the government for shifting the families living in motels into permanent houses. These organization members are collecting funds to support education, food, clothing and other necessary things of children. These organizations are also working on various policies for these children. Some of these policies are federal policy which is implemented by state government. When this policy is funded appropriately by the state government then these funds are used in improving the condition of little children. Government is also helping for eliminating homelessness from the United States. For this they have made 10 years ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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