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Capstone community health improvement project - Assignment Example

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CAPSTONE COMMUNITY PREVENTIVE HEALTH IMPROVEMENT Institution Executive summary Drug addiction is a chronic usually relapsing brain related disease that causes compulsive desire to use drugs despite the harmful effect it has to an individual…
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Capstone community health improvement project
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Download file to see previous pages Drug abuse is historically a real problem in United States. Drug abuse affects both the individual and the society. In United States, statistics for overall cost of drug abuse in terms of health, productivity and crime related costs rise above $600 billion per annum with alcohol taking a staggering portion of about $235 billion. Unfortunately, these high figures cannot fully describe the far reaching effect of drug abuse in the society in terms of child abuse, loss of employment, family disintegration and general loss of hope in life (national institute of drug abuse, 2009) Statement of the problem The United States population is estimated at 314,904,151. Population of Florida stands at 19,057,516 according to The Bureau of economic and Business research Population Program, 2012. Alcohol abuse is a major issue in Florida with 55,278 arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in 2010. Out of 165 people who died in Florida as a result of road accidents, at least one driver had BAC recorded between 0.01% and 0.07%. In 2010, around 110,203 were arrested for illegal drug trafficking and abuse related cases. (DUI-USA.Drink This year, it is estimated that people driving under influence (DUI’s) will be around 83,557 with 994 deaths occurring due to intoxicated driving. It is also estimated that 1,013 deaths will, occur as a result of illicit drug use. According to Department of Children and Families, the local homeless coalitions reported 57,643 residents of Florida in 2010 as homeless .The federal definition of a homeless person is anyone sleeping in a place that is not initially meant for human habitation, a person living in transitional housing for the homeless or a person who originally came from the streets. Any migratory individual living in a place occupied by the homeless is also classified as homeless. Due to the harsh living conditions, the homeless display high levels of drug abuse either to evade the reality of basically because drug abuse itself lead loss of a decent shelter . Apopka is the largest city in Orange County with a population of 40,406 and a median age of 34.1 years. Apopka city has an unemployment rate of about 10.50% which is a representation of a percentage of productive work forces that is not working (Bureau of Economics and Business Research, University of Florida). This unemployed group is vulnerable to drug abuse as well as drug trafficking. People in midlife age especially men are more vulnerable to drug abuse than the larger population. For this reason, the homeless people in the age bracket 30-50 years will be targeted. Mobilization To kick off the mobilization of this project, a selected team of nurses will meet to appoint possible collaborators. Church leaders and community opinion leaders will also be invited to this important meeting. Partners will be selected on the basis of their expertise, ability and willingness to finance the project and involvement in past health projects in the community. Another meeting will be held where all the stakeholders will be invited. In this meeting objectives, mission and vision of the project will be developed. Different stakeholders will also be allocated different roles depending on their expertise and experience. The role of data collection and analysis, project monitoring and evaluation as well as report writing will be allocated to experts from a local university. Resources will also be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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