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A Business Plan: Developing a Nurse Practitioner Led Wellness and Recovery Center - Dissertation Example

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For a long-time resident of a psychiatric ward, life has become a predictable routine. He knows what happens by the time he wakes up and other interventions designed for his own case…
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A Business Plan: Developing a Nurse Practitioner Led Wellness and Recovery Center
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Download file to see previous pages These interventions may either be one-on-one sessions with a healthcare professional or with a group undergoing therapy. Getting plucked out of an institution where he has been accustomed to may be upsetting for him and the other residents he has been with for a long period of time as he may have nowhere else to go to continue the services he has been receiving from the medical institution. In Alabama, the Department of Mental Health announced its restructuring plan to close four of the state’s six mental health hospitals with the intention of moving 470 patients to community-based care (Beyerle, 2012). This de-institutionalization of patients is bound to cause several problems in health care and it would take a long time to build replacement facilities for these patients across the state, which includes 16-bed regional homes and crisis centers. When communities undergo widespread deinstitutionalization, individuals who have been at hospitals or other long-term care facilities for many years often find the transition to community life upsetting and overwhelming. Deinstitutionalization also places a burden on the community, which frequently lacks the infrastructure and resources to accommodate people in need of long-term care for behavioral disorders and other psychological and/or neurological conditions. Even proponents of Alabama’s deinstitutionalization worry that the state will be unable to care for people with chronic and acute mental illnesses once state-run facilities are eliminated. Over the last five decades, widespread deinstitutionalization has resulted in a 90% decrease in the number of beds in psychiatric hospitals nationwide (Treatment Advocacy Center, 2012). Although other businesses in Bessemer, Alabama offer ongoing treatment for adults with behavioral health needs, the demand for these services is high and continuing to rise. There are simply not enough providers to meet the demand for mental health services. Horizon Wellness Recovery Center is a start-up residential care facility that will provide on-site and in-home care for adults who have recently been transferred out of long-term care facilities due to Alabama’s ongoing statewide deinstitutionalization. Horizon Wellness Recovery Center will meet a vital need by providing compassionate, professional care to adults transitioning from long-term residential care to life in the community. This business plan will provide a comprehensive profile of Horizon Wellness Recovery Center and how it purports to offer its services to patients in need of quality health care and day treatment services especially for mentally ill adults. Problem Statement Alabama is in the process of closing all but two of its state-run psychiatric hospitals. The only two facilities remaining will be a forensic psychiatric hospital (limited to mentally ill people who have committed a crime) and a geriatric psychiatric hospital. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center (2012), a national nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers to the treatment of mental illness, the next several years will see virtually all patients currently under state care in Alabama forcibly released into the community. There is a clear need for treatment centers to assist with this transition, and to provide ongoing behavioral care to the thousands of adults who will no longer be able to depend on state-run institutions for psychiatric care. Background De-institutionalizati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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