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Florida State legislature Bill tracking - Research Paper Example

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FLORIDA STATE LEGISLATURE BILL TRACKING Florida State Legislature Bill Tracking The legislatives could make or break the success of amendments or acts, which entails them to be assisted in their choice of whether voting for a “yes” or a “no” for each bill…
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Florida State legislature Bill tracking
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Download file to see previous pages Tracking a bill and finding out whether it becomes enacted or not is important for lobbyists and advocacy groups, especially when the welfares of citizens are at stake, and this is initiated by giving testimonies and letters that aim to win the legislators over doing the action asked for regarding the bill. Testimony Testimony by *Your name* *Your agency* before The Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services The Florida Senate on Senate Bill 0402 – Homelessness (Presentation Date) Ms. Chairman, and members of the committee, I am *insert your name*, a social worker for the *insert place here* in the last *number of years worked*. Our agency provides assistance to the homeless by giving them medical assistance, regular compensation for daily needs such as food and shelter allowance, and education regarding homelessness and its prevention in Florida. Thank you very much for providing us an avenue for presenting our views on Senate Bill 0402. The experience of learning about social work lacks in comparison to actually working in the social services, especially when hearing about the plight of different homeless people every day. Their reasons might be different, but now their lives are similar. Not all want to remain under social welfare and most of them wanted to become independent and self-sufficient. Thus aside from funding programs for shelters and mortgage-assistance programs, it is also important that other programs intended to increase additional benefits and self-sufficiency must be given attention to. Unfortunately, the state’s budget is not enough for all these needs, which is why our agency and other homelessness-prevention agencies insist that SB 0402 be approved as soon as possible. This is to help in generating additional funds that would greatly aid most homelessness agencies as well as partner agencies not just in providing long-term welfare assistance but also steps toward self-sufficiency and productivity. Our agency as well as others of the same purpose could improve its services in providing assistance to homeless persons through the timely enactment and approval of SB 0402 by generating funds for medical assistance and education and intervention programs, aside from the usual shelter assistance. In turn, the state can also benefit from the amendment by decreasing the amount of dollars spent on long-term homelessness assistance in the long run, as well as increasing revenue through job and income-generation among homeless people transitioning to independence. Thank you very much for taking time and considering our stance with regards to the amendment. Should you need our assistance in further studying the implications of the amendment to both its stakeholders and the state, our agency can provide such materials for your use, as we have provided the Clerk of the Committee with our statements. These also include the name, address, and telephone number of our agency head should you need further information. Legislative Alert Legislative alert from Homelessness Prevention Coalitions in Florida Urgent: For all social workers and agencies serving in homelessness assistance and prevention programs Date: March 2013 Background: At present there are no voluntary contributions in most registrations, and amendments to statute nos. 320.02, 322.08 and 322.18 are currently under review. Upon approval of SB ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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