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Formation of American Federal Government Introduction The United States Federal Convention otherwise called the Constitutional Convention held from May 14 to September 17, 1781, in Philadelphia. It was convened to discuss the problems related to the governing of United States of America, because since the independence from Great Britain, it had been functioning under the Articles of Confederation…
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Histroy 201
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Download file to see previous pages There had been numerous deliberations out of the Convention, among which the final document was derived after a lot of discussions and grueling debates. Pinckney Plan The Pinckney plan was a plan of government introduced by South Carolina’s Charles Pinckney on May 29, 1787, the same day on which Randolph initiated the Virginia Plan. As Vile (580) states, Pinckney had not maintained it on any writing and the only evidence was the Madison’s notes which were not very reliable. It was all about a treaty among the 13 states. His idea was to hold a house having a member for thousand inhabitants and to elect a Senator for four years and also elect cabinet members. He also suggested for a Federal Judicial Court. Pinckney’s plan was not opposed but left for the decision of the Committee of Detail. Virginia Plan The Virginia plan was actually formulated even before the convention by the delegates from Virginia, on their meeting to discuss on the Madison’s thoughts, notes, and works. Edmund Randolph, the governor of Virginia presented the plan on May 29, 1787, which was also called the Large State Plan. The plans suggested for the establishment of houses of legislature proportionally, making it a ‘controlling bicameral administration’ (Vile, 428). The plan proposed that the upper class would be elected by the lower and the lower would be elected by the people. It also suggested for a judiciary. New Jersey Plan William Paterson, a delegate of the New Jersey proposed the New Jersey Plan, asking for an adjournment to contemplate the Virginia plan. The suggestion to make the legislature houses in proportion would limit the authority of smaller states. Therefore the smaller sates discussed to respond to the Virginian Plan and brought forward the New Jersey Plan, also known as Small State Plan. This plan was entirely against the Virginia Plan, and asked to fix the problems of Articles of Confederation by amendment. According to Vile (583), The New Jersey Plan stood for the Congress to be given more powers and to sustain the existing Continental Congress. The plan created an executive branch for a single term and a judiciary for life, appointed by the executives. Finally, any law implemented by Congress would proceed over the state laws. However at the presentation of the plan, it was rejected. Hamilton’s Plan On the dissatisfaction of the previous plans, the Hamilton Plan otherwise called the British Plan was introduced by Alexander Hamilton, having similarity with the powerful centralized British government. Hamilton came up with the idea of abolish state control and merge the state into a single nation. His plan suggested for the bicameral legislature, the lower house elected for three years by the public and the upper class elected for life bye the lower class. The national governing body enjoys the “veto power over any state administration”; it also proposed a Governor being elected by the electors and holds the office for a life-term service (Vile, 583). Slavery and Connecticut Compromise The most debated issue among the delegates was slavery. The regulation of slavery was a question of controversy between the South and North, as 40 percent of the population of South was slaves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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