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American History- American Revolution & Revolutionary War - Essay Example

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In contrast, the colonists wanted to know the main purpose of the revolt. Revolution made Americans to be able to make choices for themselves…
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American History- American Revolution & Revolutionary War
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"American History- American Revolution & Revolutionary War"

Download file to see previous pages The colonists’ difference led to political instability in America (Nardo 65). In 1776s, George Washington was in command of the military forces that led America achieve its independence. Although George Washington’s army had no experience in war and were poorly supplied with weapons, they got support from the France army.
Furthermore, America revolution was caused by the relegation of people by the colonists in regards to their social status. In America, there were African Americans, women and Indians and the war changed their social status. Before the revolution, Americas’ traditional social relationships had been interfered with by the colonists (Tindall and Shi 220-224). Because Revolutionary war was more than a simple war for independence, it also became an engine for political experimentation and social change. The war unleashed the social forces that helped in reshaping the fabric of American culture. America came up with different roles that the women, African Americans, and Native Americans could play in their new state. Nardo (65-66) states that during the 1790s, federalists that were led by Alexander Hamilton, and Republicans that were led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison debated about the political and economic future of the nation. Therefore, in 1800, Jefferson was elected the president and the Republicans became famous in national politics and that is why they headed the state for a quarter century (Nardo 67).
According to Poulakida (101-102), after winning their war of independence, Americans underwent a political revolution. Revolution was both in the Americans minds and hearts and as a result it changed the principles, opinions, sentiments and affection of the American people. The revolutionary war began a debate about the new kind of government to be formed, and that would serve the people of America Republic.
Major events took place during the revolutionary war (Nardo 68). One of the events was Republic ideology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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