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This report is aimed to provide an overview of the present ICT environment in a hypothetical company Speed Trans to recommend the future ICT infrastructure and system requirements of the company. The company is still young in the business and has recently expanded its operations…
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Introduction to Reational Database
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Download file to see previous pages A thorough research was conducted to address the above-stated issues with the system. There are several solutions available to address the issues pertaining to the development of an ICT infrastructure including an integrated information system based on some relational database management tool. There are two major application environments available to develop the system which includes a simple Management Information System and a Web-based Information Portal. Both of these systems can be developed on a relational database and are equally viable solutions. However, there are certain added features that a web-based Information Portal can offer to accommodate specific business operations. (Grehan, 2011).Speed Trans information portal is supposed to handle the heavy load of external transactions through e-commerce module and a quick access to information is a mandatory requirement of e-business clientele. These two business domain specific requirement are best met by a Web-based Information Portal. Web-portals are more prone to security issues, therefore, a strong user authentication and authorization over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) channel will be required to establish a connection to the system. Additionally, a strong security spectrum will be required to safeguard vital system resources from hackers and viruses. Special network protection technologies including software and hardware tools and mechanisms are required to be implemented to ensure secure, smooth and stable information portal implementation. ...
The company is presently working with various other firms to supply them with automobile spare parts on regular basis. The company operations require an online communication system with its own branch office and other firms. The system is also required to be integrated with the company’s information system. Moreover, the firms is experiencing a high growth in the business and the present ICT setup often faces bottleneck conditions to support the business operations in size and speed. The new system should be designed keeping in mind the future scalability requirements that may arise within at least three years from now. Speed Trans has initially launched a limited ICT setup which is now required to be expanded to a fully integrated Information System along with online communication capabilities to handle the workload of a medium sized enterprise. 3. Current Business Issues The current system has several issues due to its limited scope. These issues cause delay in business transactions, communications bottlenecks restrict the smooth flow of critical business information to and from business partners and clientele, due to lack of integration between various system modules the information stored in various systems cannot be used to provide business intelligence and decision support. These and many other business issues identified in the study are discussed in the following paragraphs; a) Lack of System Support Presently every business operations is not supported by the system and a hybrid environment of system supported and manual operations and transactions are used to achieve business objectives, e.g. system maintains business partners and clientele information but it does not support automated email module to ensure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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