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Distributed databases - Research Paper Example

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Distributed and parallel processing is a well-organized way of enhancing performance of DBMSs (Data-Base Management Systems) and systems that…
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Distributed databases
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Extract of sample "Distributed databases"

Distributed Databases Introduction A distributed database (DDB) is a compilation of numerous, logically interconnected databases distributed through a computer system. Distributed and parallel processing is a well-organized way of enhancing performance of DBMSs (Data-Base Management Systems) and systems that control large volumes of data (Abuelyaman, 2008). The main concern of DBMS structure is the partitioning and allocation of the fundamental hypothesis partitioning techniques. This paper seeks to find a suitable distributed database that can fit two small retail stores.
A partitioning scheme
This paper recommends a scheme for vertical partitioning of a distributed database. Vertical partitioning involves creating of tables with fewer columns and utilizing additional tables to keep the outstanding columns. Normalization also comprises this partitioning of columns within tables, but vertical partitioning goes further than that and fragments columns even when normalized. Different physical storeroom might be applied to comprehend vertical fragmenting. Non relational databases initiated the idea of column based databases (Abuelyaman, 2008). The rationale for choosing this partitioning scheme is that it is cost efficient more than other schemes. In addition, it fits the required distributed databases required for this work. In order to surpass the limitations of accessible partitioning algorithm; a fresh algorithm known as VPartition, is recommended that enhances the performance of the current algorithm. The algorithm comprises an enhanced vertical partitioning system where cost is computed in terms of time utilizing greedy technique (Poniatowski & Safari Tech Books Online, 2003). This leads to improved data consignment as compared to earlier approach. The characteristics of VPartition that comprises a series such as [I, T, TI, w, p, r, D, C comm., C route, N] where
I: counter initialized to 0,
T: time,
Ti: time at ith second is initialized to 0,
w: weight of database,
p: partition data,
r: path function,
D: subset of query,
C comm.: cost of comm.,
C route: cost of path finding,
N: no of servers (Poniatowski & Safari Tech Books Online, 2003).
A Method for Timing
Recommended timing system to manage sale, purchase and management of data is a time warp. Time Warp system is a novel method for database concurrency management, varying from other kinds of systems in at least five respects (Jeffesron & Sowizral, 1999). First, it obeys an object-oriented strategy to database concept in which there are no prescribed distinctions between transaction u objects, system objects and Udata~ objects. Second, it uses neither abortion-and-retry nor locking to resolve right of entry conflicts. In its place, it employs a more influential synchronization instrument: broad rollback. The third unique feature is that it is free of starvation and deadlock. Another distinction is that it is free of limitations on transaction type such as sequentiality, two-phase model, or pre-declaration of object items to be obtained. Lastly, it introduces the concept of the virtual time, a simulated time scope from which business timestamps are drafted (Jeffesron & Sowizral, 1999). The virtual instance of a transaction is never altered after it is allocated, and activities are guaranteed be dedicated strictly in virtual time sequence.
Location limitation is associated with geographical distances that are created when the business goes globally. However, this is catered for through distribution database. A distributed database is a distinct logical system that is distributed physically across systems in numerous locations that are linked by a data communications system.
Abuelyaman, S. E. (2008). An Optimized Scheme for Vertical Partitioning of a Distributed Database. IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.8 No.1,
Jeffesron D.R. and Sowizral H. A. (1999). Fast Concurrent Simulation Using the Time Warp Mechanism, Part H: Global Control. Technical Report, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica,California
Poniatowski, M., & Safari Tech Books Online. (2003). HP-UX 11i system administration handbook and toolkit. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall PTR. Read More
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Distributed Databases Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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