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Brand Management for Rolex (A Case of Study) Table of Contents Brand Management for Rolex (A Case of Study) 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Brand Management 5 Brand Positioning of Rolex 5 Brand Awareness of Rolex 5 Branding Strategy of Rolex 6 Statement of Research Problem and Proposed Research Methods 8 Research Methods 9 Data Collection 9 Explanation of Research Process Undertaken and Description of Findings 10 Analysis of Findings 10 Brand Strategy of Rolex 11 Analysis of Branding Strategy of Rolex 14 Analysis of Brand Value of Rolex 17 Analysis of Business Performance of Rolex 18 Analysis of Brand Management of Rolex 19 Conclusion 21 Introduction Brand management …
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Brand management for Rolex (a case of study)
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Download file to see previous pages The case study will explain the brand management strategy developed by Rolex in the international market. Rolex has followed certain branding strategies to maintain its good image in the international market and enhanced its brand value significantly. This case will analyse the strategies that has made Rolex a famous brand. It is a descriptive case study. In this case study, qualitative method has been followed. The data that is used in this case study is secondary data and it has been collected through websites and books. The case study consists of six chapters. The first chapter describes the brief overview about the overall case study. The second chapter is the literature review. In this chapter, the details about the research topic have been explained to generate in-depth understanding of the research problem. The third chapter consists of statement of research problem and the research methods where the main research problem has been identified and the methods of conducting the case study have been stated. The fourth chapter will describe the research process i.e. what has been done to perform the case study analysis. In the fifth chapter, the secondary data will be analysed with regard to the research problem and the literature review. The final chapter is the conclusion where the actual findings of the research will be described on the basis of analysis of the findings. The basis of the case study is brand management of Rolex. Literature Review Rolex is one of the dominating deluxe wristwatch manufacturing companies. It is a multinational company which operates their business in excess of 100 countries. Rolex is renowned for its good business performance and high status (Rolex, n.d.). Brand Management Brand management is about developing an image of a brand and also maintaining it. Brand management helps a company to define any product, position the product, and deliver it to the customer. It is an ability to generate and sustain the brand. A strong brand is an asset for a company which discriminates any product from other alternative products. It can set an additional image to the product of the company (Management Study Guide, 2011). Brand Positioning of Rolex With regard to establishing brand image, Rolex always prefers to use certain traveller or singer or other stylish person for advertisement purposes. Rolex seeks selective media for advertising their products which can help to form the image of the brand as well as control the advertisement cost. Rolex is extremely elegant to accomplish multiple factors while spending least amount of money which can help to maintain the balance between optimal cost and profit. Through their good marketing skills, Rolex successfully increases their fans and earn the honour and faith of Rolex users (Fairy, 2010). Brand Awareness of Rolex From early 1930s, Rolex focuses on product quality. The advertisement of Rolex was limited to just product level and made by using verbal statements and graphics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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