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To what extent do you agree with the following statement Answer with reference to one empirical case study of your choosing: Th - Essay Example

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This essay is an argumentative essay on the topic “The masses are rational enough to be entrusted with more participation in the governance and foreign relations of the country”. The arguments presented in the paper either in favor of the statement or in opposition to the statement needs to be substantiated with a proper case study and few examples…
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To what extent do you agree with the following statement Answer with reference to one empirical case study of your choosing: Th
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Extract of sample "To what extent do you agree with the following statement Answer with reference to one empirical case study of your choosing: Th"

Download file to see previous pages The case study of Egypt has been taken into consideration because the Egypt crisis is the most recent event in history where people’s protests have led to change in governance and foreign relations of a country. People have played a very important role in the management of country affairs with the development of democracy. Democracy has played a major role in the development of people and people have started analyzing their country’s governance with a wide outlook. “Democracy is the fact that the citizens of a country participate in the process of governance” (Kenya National Assembly Official Record (Hansard), 2000, P. 638). There have been many instances and examples of countries where the masses have played an important participation in the governance and foreign relations of country. People have played a very important role in the ousting of a government with the formation of a new government. “Democratic governance efforts can increase trust, but to get started, they require at least a basic level of goodwill – citizens and officials have to be willing to take the leap of faith that this experience will help them make a real impact” (Leighninger & Bradley, P 228). ...
Several countries of different continents have accepted the opinion of the masses because the masses have provided a rational opinion with respect to governance and foreign relations. In countries such as Tanzania the rational of masses led to governance reforms after the economic crisis of 1980s in the country. Not only did Tanzania start having multiparty politics it also accepted IMF conditionalities which it opposed till the year 1986. After the people intervened in the governance of the state Tanzania started adopting economic recovery programs which aimed at eliminating the monopoly in the state. “The Nyalali commission which was appointed by the President in the early 1990s to seek people’s opinion on whether the country should go multiparty or not came up with several recommendations besides the adoption of multiparty politics” (Tanzania: A Country Analysis, n.d). The protest of the masses could lead to sever changes in laws of the state and leads to the adoption of a new constitution in the state. Similar to Tanzania there has been several instances where the masses have made a rational judgment in the governance and foreign relations of a country. There have been protests where masses have tried to provide rational opinion in terms of governance and foreign relations within the country like in Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen etc. There has been a throw of dictatorship and the masses have appealed for a democratic nation in order to improve the governance and foreign relations in their country. In all these countries it is not one political party which has acted against the present rule but the masses have staged a protest which leads to the understanding that in the present era masses have a rational understanding of the governance and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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