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Discuss the role of nationalism in the Vancouver Olympics, drawing from class readings and lectures, and relate your discussion - Essay Example

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Nationalism in Vancouver Olympics Introduction This research paper discusses the problems of national inequalities in Canada. A context for discussion is the events of the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010. The interests of indigenous people and the rest of the Canadian society split into two opposites during that period…
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Discuss the role of nationalism in the Vancouver Olympics, drawing from class readings and lectures, and relate your discussion
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Extract of sample "Discuss the role of nationalism in the Vancouver Olympics, drawing from class readings and lectures, and relate your discussion"

Download file to see previous pages During Vancouver Olympic Games, the rights of indigenous Canadians have been violated and this was a controversial matter that split Canadians into two national camps. In his article “Native Rights Concerns Cloud 2010 Games”, Jon Elmer expresses a violent attitude to Canadian government. Thus, the latter was believed to violate the national sovereignty. Nevertheless, the initial goal of Olympic Games was seen in propagation of a common goodness for the Canadian nation. A fostering of policies directed on a successful and favorable future for representatives of different nations was believed to be a prevalent factor in the development of Canadian nationalism (Wallis et al, 2010). It is on behalf of a nation to distinguish between pros and cons of their development. On this background indigenous Canadian population has initiated their protests because they consider themselves to be poor people and they accuse their government of human rights violation. The St'at'imc nation protested against violation of their traditional lands where resort might have been located. Another claim made by other inhabitants in Canada, the building of new hotels has intensified a homelessness crisis. Moreover, the homelessness crisis in Canada severely deepened and turned into "a civic, and provincial and national shame" (Elmer). Therefore, in this article, the issue of nationalism is discussed in the paradigm of the importance of dwelling for a citizen. It is very important for a citizen to identify himself and to have his own place in his country. When this right is violated and taken away in the name of vague goals, an indignant nation may protest against it. In the article by Brandy Yanchyk two points of view are expressed in a broader context. On the one hand, it is underlined that Olympic Games present an opportunity for Canada to become a richer country and increase the vitality and a health level of the Canadian nation. On the other hand, it is underlined that a massive influx of athletes, public and journalists a great problem for Canada. Moreover, “Canada's indigenous peoples have suffered a long history of poverty, unemployment, and problems with addiction and high rates of suicide” (Yanchuk). Therefore, it is better to perceive the Olympic Games in Vancouver as a chance for indigenous people to show that they are “entrepreneurs, visual artists and performing artists. You know our culture is really living and thriving today and it's been through challenges," (Yanchuk) – that is the way a representative of the indigenous people have underlined a possible positive outcome of the Olympic Games. The attitude of indigenous people supposes the necessity of multiculturalism development, which is considered by Bannerji as: “a fantastic evocation of ‘unity’, which in any case becomes a reminder of the divisions” (Bannerji, p.79). Therefore, the objections made by indigenous people against Vancouver Olympic Games can be considered in these frames further on. They are an integrative part of the Canadian nation, but they want to preserve their historical traditions and prevent their territory from intrusion of a massive flux of foreigners. Such people associate themselves with their land and do not want to subject their land to the risk of being devastated by people from all over the world or share with them their dwellings. There is a problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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