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Persuation paper regarding Family Therapy in school setting - Essay Example

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Family Therapy in a School Setting In high school, many students have problems with their families. Some have problems because their parents are divorced and others have problems because of drugs, alcohol, gangs or because they are being abused by their parents…
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Persuation paper regarding Family Therapy in school setting
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Download file to see previous pages Also, student needs are being met by career counselors and nurses, so it would be a good idea to have family therapy added. Family therapy would help families stay together. There are many problems that families have that students have to deal with on a daily basis. When they come to school they may be tired, upset, or angry and they have no where to go to talk about their feelings. A family therapy program could help them by allowing them to talk about their feelings. The therapist could then bring the entire family in during school hours and everyone would be helped. Although many parents would have to work during school hours, they may be able to get off for an hour or two in order to do therapy. Family therapy would be free in school. Many families do not have money to go t a therapist in the community and some people do not have insurance that will pay for them to go. By having a family therapy program in school, the cost could be paid for through a grant or other educational fund. There might also be people in the community who would contribute to the program. When there is a problem with a student and there is no place in school for them to go, they have to find someone outside of school to help them. If they do not have the resources to find someone, they do not get the help they need. A family therapy program would accomplish two things in this situation: The first thing it would do is help them have a therapist they already know. During the school day, a family therapist could get to know students and begin to understand their problems. The second thing that this would accomplish is that it would give parents a person who already knew their child from school. Bothe the parents and the child would have a therapist they were already comfortable seeing. Some parents might be afraid to go to family counseling because they would feel they would not want to have the school know their family business. However, if their child was having problems in school, they should be encouraged to help their child in any situation. Some parents might feel that going to a therapist means they are mentally ill or that people would think they were crazy. A family therapy program could encourage parents to come in for events that were geared just for them. As an example, a tea or a luncheon to tell parents about the program would be an ideal way for them to get to know more about the family therapy program. The therapist and the principal could make sure that all students take home information about the counseling program that would encourage parents to come to these events or stop in if they needed to talk to someone. Many schools have school psychologists but they are not the same as a therapist. The school psychologists usually do a lot of testing and they do not really do counseling. The therapist would be able to be the one to do the counseling and they may also get some ideas from the psychologist about what issues students need to address in their studies. Some of the issues that a counselor could help students with would include: adjustment to school, adjustment to divorce, any abuse issues that might happen at home, alcohol or drug abuse, and peer pressure. These are just some of the issues a skilled counselor could help with and by talking about these issues students may be able to do better in school. Counselors could also do group counseling. There would be students who have the same issues and they could come together as a group and talk about their problems. Maybe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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