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IR theorists specifically in the realist school have emphasized the important role of states and their interaction in the intern - Essay Example

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IR theorists specifically in the realist school have emphasized the important role of states and their interaction in the international system and consequently de-emphasizing the role that non-state actors play in shaping the global interaction dis [Course]   Introduction      International relation and the role of nations in the world politics have been in discussion all across the world…
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IR theorists specifically in the realist school have emphasized the important role of states and their interaction in the intern
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Download file to see previous pages The Realist school of thoughts presents the nation as the most important force in international politics. According to this school of thoughts the states are sovereign. Therefore a state’s authority is higher than all other non-state players like the transnational enterprises, the nongovernmental organizations, or the international organizations. All the states act in their own national interest. The Realist school of thoughts promotes the idea of states interlocked in a constant struggle for power to establish their supremacy over the others. However this struggle for power and the domination of one particular state over the others lead to a counter force against the dominant state. As a result the global balance is restored. In this struggle for power and the counter struggle military of the nations act as significant sources of power (Pant, n.d., 3; Spiegel, 2011). The states also collaborate with the other states for their national interest. The struggle for power between nations during the Cold War is an example of the Realist theory of international relations. The other states also adapt to the existing system of power on the world platform and align themselves according to their national interest. ...
Realists and Market      Globalization is a phenomenon that has caught the attention of scholars around the world. According to McGrew globalization is the growing interconnectivity and linkage that has transcended the national boundaries. It is a feature of the modern world system. By this process, any event, decision or action by a certain nation affects the residents of a different nation (Koffman, Youngs, 116). It has resulted in the integration of the entire world (Baylis, Smith, & Owens, 14, 15). According to the realists, the states have exhibited accepted globalization properly and ultimately they have played a key role in the process of globalization. Various developments had indirect influence of the state. The authors argue that the states have indeed established their sovereignty and not lost control in the age of globalization. The states have been the most significant drivers of the process of globalization through relaxing the regulation of the markets. Therefore there is a presence of state in the emergence of globalization. For a market to operate successfully there needs to be rigid enforcement of laws. The states act as the primary regulator of market. The rise in the number of multilateral trade policies shows how the states can incorporate the process of globalization in their plans and policy in the interest of their nation (Taylor, 2006).      In the age of globalization human rights have received considerable focus and international standards of worker’s and civilian rights have emerged. But the realist school advocates that this attention on human rights have been possible due to the hegemony of the powerful nations. The powerful nations are mostly democratic countries. Therefore they have set up norms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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