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Interview with a Health Professional - Essay Example

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The paper “Interview with a Health Professional” aims to summarize, reflect and evaluate on the findings of an interview with a health professional and to thereby link specifically identified issues to related relevant literatures on the subject. …
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Interview with a Health Professional
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Download file to see previous pages There are increasing numbers of people who pursue careers in the health care industry. The reasons for delving into this challenging, yet rewarding array of health professions are diverse – which could be distinctly unique for some or universal as encompassing themes of care for others. The paramedic, in particular, is a dynamic and evolving career that interests people with genuine desire to provide immediate response to health dilemmas. The Australasian Council of Paramedic (ACP) (2008, p. 1) defines a paramedic as “a specialist health care professional who responds to requests for assistance and attends people suffering acute health crises of any nature”. Their roles and responsibilities encompass providing assessment, diagnoses and treatment to patients in health crises outside of the hospital setting.
The paper hereby aims to initially conduct an interview with a health professional: a paramedic, specifically for this purpose; to summarize, reflect and evaluate on the findings and eventually to link specifically identified issues to related relevant literatures on the subject. To achieve the objective, the health professional interviewed is Peter Broadbent, a 30 year old paramedic based in Beverley Uranium Mine. The discourse would therefore summarize details from the interview and to provide a reflection with link to health literatures based on three issues: the concept of enjoyment in one’s profession, the frustrating instances, and the significant factors that impact his profession.

The discourse would therefore summarize details from the interview and to provide a reflection with link to health literatures based on three issues: the concept of enjoyment in one’s profession, the frustrating instances, and the significant factors that impact his profession. Findings and Evaluation 1. Profile of the Interviewee With approval sought to cite his name and details provided from the interview in the current paper, Peter Broadbent has indicated that he has been working as a paramedic for four years with main responsibilities revealed by him as: provision of pre-hospital medical care in a remote location, health promotion, and testing employees for alcohol and other drugs, among others. His working hours on a weekly basis total 168 hours, with 84 hours on-duty and 84 hours on-call. Prior to delving into the details of the three specific issues identified that influence and impact his profession, Broadbent averred that from his experience, the two main issues he considered prominently facing and affecting paramedics in their working life are fatigue and “burn-out”. 2. The Benefit of Enjoyment When asked “what do you enjoy most about your job?”, Broadbent’s reply was: (1) diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses; (2) interaction with patients and other members of the workplace population; and (3) the magnificent scenery in the Australian outback. Further, he clearly emphasized that having genuine enthusiasm for one’s career choice is the secret to satisfaction and enjoyment. The ability to provide enjoyment, satisfaction or pleasure in one’s job is linked to the theory of motivation in the work place, specifically Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where people have varieties of needs that manifest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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