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Job Application and Interview - Assignment Example

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RUNNING HEAD: JOB APPLICATION AND INTERVIEW Job Application and Interview [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Job Application and Interview The modern-day advancements are being experienced by the organizations all over the world today. May they be business or service organizations, the progress and technological growth has especially gained impetus everywhere…
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Job Application and Interview
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Download file to see previous pages In order to observe the advancements in the recruitment procedures, this paper will undertake to elaborate upon the typical job application and interview processes that various nursing organizations undertake to recruit the nurse educators. The requirements, formalities and questions usually asked at the interviews will also be discussed. Nurse Educators Nurses throughout the world are called to work in a health care environment that is undergoing reform as never before imagined (NLN Board of Governors, 2011). A nurse educator is a nurse who is charged with the responsibility of educating, teaching, and preparing registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) for the purpose of enabling them enter into the practice at clinical positions. These nurses are also capable of teaching in many patient care settings in order to facilitate the patients with continuous education to register and licensed nursing staff. The Nurse Educators are also responsible for teach at doctoral level and graduate programs, which are intended to prepare the nurses for advanced practice. Job Applications The job applications depict the demands that the job descriptions puts on the employees. On observing the job application of Alaska Native Medical Centre, it is discovered that the organization charges the Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) with the responsibilities to facilitate the education services and professional development of nursing by helping them prepare for advanced nursing practice and assist them in obtaining the skills and knowledge. This is done for the purpose of making them competent enough to gather and analyze the health data of patients, make diagnosis, develop a care plan, and implement the interventions for further interventions (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, 2012). Interview Process The organizations hiring nurse educators beginning the recruitment process through interviews. These interviews give the hirer a complete view of candidate's qualification, experiences and ambitions in the field. The interviewees are asked about their past experiences in the nursing capacity, and what their facility of working and areas of interest. Then, the interview discovers regarding the candidate's passion for teaching, and what factor brought them towards the teaching side. They are questioned upon the procedures that they would adopt to make their students grasp the concepts easily while teaching. Slowly, the interviewer build such a rapport with the candidates that, they get into open discussion in order to estimate the applicant's knowledge regarding nursing issues, current shortage, and the significance of nursing profession to the community. Besides this, Alaska Medical Centre also assess the applicant on the basis whether they know the positive aspect and worth of their job, and the ways in which the roles of nursing educators influence other areas of nursing. The interview further judges the candidates by asking their opinions on future perspectives of the profession, its growth further, and the recommendation to others about getting into the nursing profession and develop it (Suzanne, 2012). The substantive questions usually asked from a candidate applying for nurse educators include the following: How does nursing generally contribute to the welfare of society? Can any other medical services replace nursing? How do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Job Application and Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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