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Tourism destination marketing - Essay Example

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Tourism Destination Marketing About United Arab Emirates Name: Institutional Affiliation: Tourism Destination Marketing About United Arab Emirates Tourism destination marketing offers fully outsourced online marketing solutions for travel brokers, hotels, tourism boards, airlines among other online travel providers…
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Tourism destination marketing
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Download file to see previous pages The tourism destination marketing employs different marketing and promotional practices according to Oxford Business Group (2008). Under the marketing practices there is internet marketing, market positioning among others. Market positioning is considered as the first step and refers to the process of identifying and selecting markets that represent the potential of the business in determining criteria for competition. It is usually based on effective knowledge of the needs, perception and wants of the market. It also needs benefits ordered the benefits that are provided by the destination. The market benefits, differentiation and images are the only tourist perceptions. In the case of internet marketing the area is wide as it incorporates email marketing where by products can be sold through the email. Social media ensures customers interact and generate a direct trust with the customers. Search engine optimization places the industry at the top of search engines ensuring direct visibility. Paid Search marketing monitors traffic and then delivers it directly to landing for conversion purposes. According to the International Monetary Fund (2003), the e-marketing practices have been the best of bred and it is good for internet marketing campaign. Online surveys are also conducted enabling the direct access to market information. This information include, tracking results, identifying new customers, target markets and product market before launch. Use of qualified leads where they identify and also establish direct conducts with target customers. In the promotion practices there is the Middle East online advertising. Through this new business customers are attracted in the field hence attract high-net worth individuals. They also engage in Email and SMS advertising which allows a cost effective promotion practice, tracking of promotion campaigns as well as direct web traffic. There is also the online banner advertising which ensures large scale advertising in the tourism marketing destination. A Marketing Case Study The objective of the case study is to increase awareness as well as improve the drive bookings for the promotion of summer rooms to a KSA audience. The following steps are to be followed: Increase Arabic SMS that are sent to the selected KSA database who have high net worth individuals. The customer can receives messages containing promotion details and then they can use the mobile WAP incase they need more information according to Scott and Jafari (2010). Information being delivered both in Arabic and English The consumers can send messages from the WAP site straight to the reservation department. The hotel reservation department to receive enquiry (that includes all sorts of data) into the message inbox and thus they are able to follow up from step one to five. The key UAE products include beef, coal, furniture, USB’s, oil, cement, Cokes, Gowns, salt, Granite, Steel, dresses, Nickel, Photo frame and magnesium among others according to Linden (2006). Segmentation in the market includes focusing on marketing efforts where there is a greatest chance of success as suggested by Rugimbana and Nwankwo (2003). In the case of business services segment it is referred to as market segmentation services. In United Arab Emirates there are different categories of market segmentation. For instance brake fluids and grease in the market segment are categorized under Energy or Lubricants while Automatic transmission oil is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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