Developing Protocol and Training for Healthcare Professionals to improve compliance in Patient treatment plans - Essay Example

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Research Worksheet Part A Denise James Step One: Problem Statement and Keywords Problem Statement Lack of communication between healthcare professionals and patients’ as well as individual patient’ ignorance about the intricacies of their ailment contributes to non compliance in patient treatment plans…
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Developing Protocol and Training for Healthcare Professionals to improve compliance in Patient treatment plans
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Download file to see previous pages Descriptive Keywords Physician-patient relationship Patient centered care Patient compliance Patient focused approach Step Two: Library Search Library Source #1 ProQuest Medical Library Keywords Patient compliance in health care treatment plans Persistent Link provided in the database: Title of the article: “5 Tips for Generating Patient Satisfaction” Author(s) of the article: Pawar, Manoj Date of the article: 2005 Citation from the library search: Pawar, Manoj (2005). 5 Tips for Generating Patient Satisfaction, Family Practice Management, Vol. 12 Issue 6, pp. 44-46 Explain the resource’s reliability: This is a Family practice management journal published bimonthly by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) which is a recognized healthcare organization within the US, with active CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs. Although the author of this article cites only one reference to validate the facts, but it is based on personal experience and 331 shared references confirm the journal’s reliability. Paraphrasing your source’s ideas: As research has shown communication and trust plays a major role in patient compliance. There are two roles that the medical provider plays in a patient’s healthcare. ...
The business role is more like the approach of a salesman trying to make the deal. As a healthcare professional gaining your patient’s trust is the key factor, as it ensures that the patient will be consistent and adhere to treatment plans and follow advice after the real need has been identified and addressed (Manoj Pawar, June 2005). Patients’ are more than likely to fall in line when the medical provider builds a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. A medical provider will gain a patients’ trust when interest is shown in their goals and values. Become a good listener and refrain from dominating conversations during patients’ visits. (Manoj Pawar). Direct Quote “The physician has to recognize the opportunity for intervention, reframe it in a way that makes it meaningful to the patient, and generate a sufficient sense of urgency to compel the patient to take action”, (p.1). Step Three: Internet Search Internet Source #1 Which search engine did you use? Your keyword for this search: Patient focused approach Result URL for the location of your source: Title of the article: “Patient-Focus Care* Using the Right Tools” Author of the article: Richard S. Irwin, MD, FCCP; and Naomi D. Richardson, MSc, MBA Date of the article: July 2006 Explain the resource’s reliability: This article appears reliable as it is from a recognized peer reviewed and prestigious journal. This article had 28 references from other prestigious journals and a wide variety of areas in medical research. This is why the reliability is high. Paraphrasing your source’s ideas: The article by Richard S. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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