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Why it is important not to miss a military formation - Essay Example

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Formation has a very crucial role to play in promoting the structure and order of military units. The main purpose of formation in the military is to ensure that soldiers and leaders are kept safe all the time. …
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Why it is important not to miss a military formation
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, formation has a significant role to play in keeping track of where every soldier is at all times. In other words, through formation, the leadership gets clear idea about what a particular soldier is doing and where they are located. Based on the above information, it becomes evident that if a soldier has another appointment, it is necessary to report the same to the squad leader so that the squad leader can report the same to the platoon sergeant. Being a member of the United States Army is a matter of pride. However, being a member of this great heritage means one is supposed to adhere to, and uphold the traditions, courtesies, and heritage of the army. In fact, the offence from my part can be better described as the failure to adhere to the four R’s that make a soldier; right place, right time, right uniform, and right attitude. When I failed to come for the formation in time, I failed to display discipline, respect, and honor. I have to admit the fact that it is of utmost importance in the army to be on time because it shows values like leadership, commitment, loyalty, and responsibility. In fact, being on time is very vital in military mission, because ones buddies, leadership, and the success of the mission are all heavily dependent on ones ability to be on time. In addition, in military culture, running in formation is considered as a key component of group fitness and unit morale. Furthermore, formations make it easy for the leadership to keep track of weapons. To illustrate, if the platoon sergeant wants to count the number of weapons the platoon has got, the easiest way is to hold a formation, and count the number of weapons, and can check if any details are missing from list. In addition, it becomes possible to see what equipments are missing or misplaced. In addition, such formations help in ensuring all soldiers are well aware about what to do and at what time. In addition, it helps the leadership know which soldier is located and also at what place. Thus, I understand the fact that it is very important for me to be on time for a military formation, and that too in the right uniform. This is so because it is through military formation that the chain of command gets accountability and collects all the necessary information regarding the soldiers in the company. That means, if I fail to report in time, the entire procedure is slowed down as it becomes necessary to come and look for me, thus hurting the team, platoon and the company as a whole. In fact, morning formation is the most important formation of the day as it is this formation that makes accountability of everyone and puts out any necessary information that should be dealt with. So, missing the morning formation means having no knowledge about accountability and knowing nothing about what is going on and where everybody is. So, I understand that the offence of not showing up for formation is punishable under UCMJ article 15. In fact, one cannot ignore the importance of formation in army. The United States Army Field Manual 3-0 describes three levels of war; strategic, operational, and tactical. In addition, it is said that the military tactics are to become instinctive through battle drills. There are principles of ambushes, seeking and turning flanks, maintaining reconnaissance, creating and using obstacles and defenses, and so on. Such tactics require the merger of psychology, physics, statistics, and a lot of team work. In fact, combat requires ordered arrangement and maneuver of units in a coordinated manner in order to convert combat power into victorious battles. In such cases, it is evident that the military formation has a very vital role to play in making one prepared and instinctive to face such situations. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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