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Political Conspiracy and Slander A Discussion and Reflection Paper Name Name of Professor Introduction Investigations of political conspiracy and slander had been left almost fully to political elites, who usually had clashes of interests, and to novice researchers, who normally do not possess adequate training in the social sciences…
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Download file to see previous pages However, the investigations were unsuccessful in solving crimes of political slander or even to pinpoint the officials and organizations most probable to have been executors (Pfau 2005). Thus investigations of doubtful political incidents eventually came to be ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theories’ due to the fact that, after reviewing official accounts, they frequently apply vague proofs to hypothesize about threatening schemes and convoluted cover-ups (Goldzwig 2002). As remarked by Stewart and colleagues (1994), “a conspiracy may be real or imagined, but the process is the same; a chain of apparently unrelated events or actions is linked to reveal concerted actions and intentions to cause all sorts of social, economic, political, religious, and moral problems” (ibid, p. 3). Thus, it is at times hard to discern fantasy from reality. It may be hard to put off disorientation as well. This remains a reality. People of the United States are still prone to be victims of suspicious events that benefit confer advantage to political elites, and still Americans lack means of finding out whether the events are inevitable incidents or, rather, crimes instigated or allowed by the authorities themselves (Smith 2006). Recent cases in point are the 2000 and 2004 election troubles; the failures of defense on the 9-11 attack; the chain of threats of terrorism circulated based on weak evidence (Katyal 2003). A number of these events were never scrutinized. Others were investigated shallowly. Even the September 11 attack, which gained the most elaborate and systematic investigation, was studied by political insiders who circumvented inquiring whether the incident might have been a conspiracy (Smith 2006). Nevertheless, elites exploited these incidents to defend constraints on civil liberties, a current strategy, and an American militarism, unparalleled for the United States, of preventive conflict (Melley 2000). To be certain, large portions of the U.S. population and all over the world think that the administration of Bush accepted and may have in some way allowed the 9-11 attack, yet these misgivings are only another group of conspiracy theories that create more issues than clarifications. To transcend incident-specific assumptions of government schemes, the discussion of political conspiracy and slander in this paper would employ social scientific premises for ideas into the widespread occurrence of state assaults on democratic principles and practices. Political Conspiracy and Slander in the United States Even though conspiracy theorists have been unsuccessful to build up a sufficient explanation of state crime, they are worthy of recognition for emphasizing a threatening possibility historically taken for granted by scholars. The latter have investigated different types of state criminality, but in nearly every instance the opportunity for government authorities in liberal democracies to undermine or challenge democratic principles and practices has been overlooked (Pozen 2010). In criminology and sociology, a large number of studies on state crime have put emphasis on connections between subversive and public organizations, particularly the symbiosis that frequently emerges between organized crime and law enforcement agencies (Pfau 2005). Hardly any intellectuals in these disciplines have also investigated state criminality as a kind of political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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