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Orange Juice Titration - Essay Example

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Effect of Oxygen and Light on Orange Juice (Ascorbic Acid) Introduction Titration is a method to determine the precise endpoint of a complex reaction and thereby the precise quantity of the reactant in the titration flask. Titration is a common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of a known reactant…
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Orange Juice Titration
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Extract of sample "Orange Juice Titration"

Download file to see previous pages Ascorbic acid ascorbic acid (also known as Vitamin C) is antioxidant and in presence of oxidizing agent it turns into dehydro-ascorbic acid [2]. Earlier experiments have shown that exposure of orange juice to oxygen lead to decrease in amount (concentration) of ascorbic acids and browning of orange juice [3]. No such effect is observed when orange juice is exposed to light [3]. While another research showed that the oxygen does not accelerates non enzymatic browning of orange juice [4]. This research paper tries to analyze the effect of oxygen and light on orange juice and thereby tries to resolve the ambiguity. Hypothesis Null Hypothesis 1: Oxygen does not affect the lifespan of orange juice or vitamin C in the juice. Alternate hypothesis: Oxygen affects the lifespan of orange juice or vitamin C in the juice Null Hypothesis 2: Exposure to light does not affect the life span of orange juice or vitamin C in the juice. Alternate hypothesis: Exposure to light affects the lifespan of orange juice or vitamin C in the juice. Claim Exposure to oxygen reduces the shelf life of orange juice. Exposure to light reduces the shelf life of orange juice. ...
exposed to air (not exposed to light) 7.666667 10 7 Fresh 0.1. exposed to light 18.66667 23 14 Concentration values of ascorbic acid of different samples achieved from titration (concentration = x*10^-4) P values (T-Test) Fresh OJ. (not exposed to light) Vs. Non-fresh OJ. exposed to air (not exposed to light) – Hypothesis 1 0.00377 Fresh OJ. (not exposed to light) Vs. Fresh 0.J. exposed to light – Hypothesis 2 0.0212 Non-fresh OJ. exposed to air (not exposed to light) Vs. Fresh 0.J. exposed to light 0.03491 Probability of type 1 error while rejecting null hypothesis using students T-test. Bar graph depicts minimum, mean and highest observed concentrations of ascorbic acid in the three samples of orange juice. Evidence It was observed that the mean concentration of ascorbic acid in fresh OJ (0.00320) was much higher than the mean concentration of ascorbic acid in non-fresh OJ (0.00077). Mean concentration of ascorbic acid in fresh OJ exposed to light (0.00187) was more than mean concentration of ascorbic acid in both non fresh OJ and less than fresh OJ. The variation in concentration of ascorbic acid was highest in Fresh 0.J. exposed to light (2.03333E-07) and was lowest in Non-fresh OJ exposed to air (not exposed to light) (4.33333E-08). T test showed that population Fresh OJ (not exposed to light) and population Non-fresh OJ exposed to air (not exposed to light) were not same. This could be stated with more than 99% accuracy. T test also showed that population Fresh OJ (not exposed to light) and population Fresh 0.J. exposed to light were not same. This could be stated with almost 98% accuracy. Conclusion It was found that the ascorbic acid concentration in orange juice decreased when it was exposed to both light and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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