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This report “Business Plan for a Fruit Juice Stand” is based on a business plan for my fruit juice and smoothie stand inside the Westfield Stratford shopping centre. This business plan will be implemented after problems and challenges shall have been dealt with and resolved…
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Business Plan for a Fruit Juice Stand
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Download file to see previous pages The plan integrates the mission, vision, aim and objectives, including research methods, market analysis, and so on. Primary and secondary researches were conducted. Primary research involved interviews to 50 respondents at Westfield Stratford shopping centre. The respondents were mostly female, aged 20 to 35 years old, who frequently spend their leisure time in the mall.
Secondary research on marketing strategy, marketing mix, marketing analysis, marketing programme and the 7Ps, a 2-year forecast of the business and an analysis of future events that might happen during implementation and actual operation of the business were discussed and integrated into this business plan to provide a clear picture of the business.
Questions ranged from the respondents’ likeness of the fruit juice and smoothies to their daily intake of soft drinks and packed carbonated drinks. It was astonishing to know that the students and youths have been taking soft drinks and packed carbonated drinks and that fruit juice has not been too popular to them. However, there was a sign of hope when the question mentioned of a possibility of a fruit juice and smoothies contained in beautiful glasses, in which the respondents positively answered that they would prefer fruit juice and smoothies if these are readily available in stores inside the mall. The respondents replied that they wanted to take fruit juice as a substitute of soft drinks as they have heard of its health benefits. They were also asking for the price since the reason why they were taking soft drinks was due to the low price. Convenience was also one of the reasons for their preference of bottled and packed carbonated drinks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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