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The basis of scientific research in pharmacy or biomedical sciences - Essay Example

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Running Head: Scientific Research in Biomedical Sciences Scientific Research in Biomedical Sciences Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Ethical Matrix for Human Volunteers in Pharmacy/Biomedical Research 3 Academic Qualifications in Scientific Research are predominantly Degrees in Philosophy 6 Scientific Truthfulness 8 Significance of Statistical Analyses 10 References 12 Ethical Matrix for Human Volunteers in Pharmacy/Biomedical Research Since few decades, there have been significant developments in the field of science and technology that have resulted in enormous alterations in different processes and procedures globally…
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The basis of scientific research in pharmacy or biomedical sciences
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Extract of sample "The basis of scientific research in pharmacy or biomedical sciences"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically, the field of biomedical research is one of the sectors that have caused highest number of controversies and ethical issues due to its direct relation with human race and its environment. In the result, theorists and experts (Mepham, pp. 23-39, 2006) have come up with different approaches and methods to resolve issues in decision-making process related to ethical conflicts. In this regard, Ethical matrix (Mepham, pp. 23-39, 2006) is one of the analytical tools of applied ethics that enable individuals, organizations, etc to analyze and scrutinize any issue, in order to come up with a consensus based on ethical understandings. Analysis of ethical matrix has indicated that it has been very beneficial in the establishment of a basic structure needed especially in the field of biosciences and biomedical research. In particular, Ethical matrix resolves the issue by focusing on two components/categories: a set of principles and a list of agents/stakeholders. With the first category of principles, Ethical matrix reemphasizes the significance of principles of morality that allows the decision-maker to come to a decision in an ethical manner. On the other hand, the other category gives value and importance to stakeholders and their opinions (Deane, pp. 51-57, 2009) regarding different biomedical or scientific procedures and processes that play a critical role in coming up with the most efficient ethical decision with the consensus of all the stakeholders. In order to understand the ethical matrix usable for human volunteers in biomedical research, it is essential to comprehend the first category in detail. In particular, ethical matrix has identified three principles that revolve around the notion of respect for “wellbeing, autonomy, and fairness” (Deane, pp. 62-68, 2009), which then integrate with second category of the matrix: interests of the stakeholders. Analysis has pointed out that few ethical theories have played crucial role in creation of the ethical matrix: “utilitarianism (wellbeing), deontology (autonomy), and utilitarianism-deontology (fairness)” (Deane, pp. 51-57, 2009). From this aspect of ethical matrix, one can observe pluralism of its theoretical framework that indicates the wide-ranging applicability of the ethical matrix that is one of the major reasons of significance of ethical matrix in biomedical sciences and scientific research. Now, the discussion will include an example of utilization of ethical matrix in one of the biomedical issues that will be efficient in its understanding in a broad manner. The issue is regarding an innovative research in the field of biomedical research that has indicated the possibility of implantation of a chip in all the citizens that will enable the healthcare organizations to record health history of individuals in their individual electronic chips in their bodies. This will eliminate need of all the paperwork, as healthcare provider will only be scanning chips to know about individual’s health and will then be uploading updated information after the treatment for future purposes. This innovative technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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