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Disciplinary Literacies Project- Biomedical/clinical laboratory science - Research Paper Example

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In order to communicate with both professional and readers in a certain discipline, there is a need to understand writing in that particular discipline. (Budgell, Brian Stephen, 25) Within individual field, there is distinct pathos and logos or sometimes, ethos writing, which…
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Disciplinary Literacies Project- Biomedical/clinical laboratory science
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Download file to see previous pages Biomedical Laboratory Science chiefly relies on use of logos and ethos as the form of writing. This form of writing is exploited in all the realms of the discipline including; being used in classroom, in research areas as well as laboratory in a way that may communicate the information required by the audience of the writings
There is a lot of significance placed in writing. This is usually regardless of whether one is writing a research paper or presenting some ideas in a newspaper. The most important thing that one needs to observe is the fact that writing depends on the audience targeted and the purpose the paper is seeking to achieve. (Russo, Jose, 17) These are fundamental things that every discipline always strives to achieve. Writing should not be a barrier to science. (Russo, Jose, 13) It should be at all times be efficient and as minimal as possible. (Budgell, Brian Stephen, 28) In science, it is important that the writings focus on data as the most pronounced rather than being wordy. It is based on this level that science isolates itself from other disciplines. Biomedical Laboratory Science is a discipline that adversely uses ethos and logos to present it ideas. When the discipline uses data, it is always meant to present some persuasion to the reader or make emphasis by providing evidence. Biomedical Laboratory Science insists on using logical arguments and making explanations which are stemmed from highly regarded sources. (Budgell, Brian Stephen, 27) It is however clear that pathos would not be used often considering that Biomedical Laboratory Science is more of practical than theoretical subject. Unlike other disciplines that would make appeal to the heart and feelings to the ready, writings in this discipline are purely meant to provide the reader and the professional with the information relating. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Disciplinary Literacies Project- Biomedical/Clinical Laboratory Research Paper.
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