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Personal Statement/Biomedical science - Essay Example

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Personal Statement For me, studying Biomedical Science at the XXXXXXX College/University is not just a career choice but also a long-standing ambition. I intend to pursue biomedical science as it is a dynamic field and is perhaps more expansive in terms of subject and tactical expertise, than any other medical field…
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Personal Statement/Biomedical science
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Extract of sample "Personal Statement/Biomedical science"

Download file to see previous pages My ailments not just brought me closer to understanding the intricacies of going through a disease, but also exposed me to the emotional discomfort it comes with. Thus, ever since my childhood, I have always aimed at learning human physiology and disease processes, to fulfill my quest for a healthy, ailment-free life, not just for me but also for millions of others. After exploring a dozen other possible medical fields, I have inferred that biomedical science is my true calling. Education: I am fully equipped, both educationally and mentally, for pursuing a career in Biomedical Science. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Sociology at A level. My current grades at AS level are A, B, C and A in Biology, Sociology, Chemistry and English Literature, respectively. At A2 level, I hope to perform even better and push these grades up to straight A’s. I have also taken up other biology-oriented courses to strengthen my basics in the subject and increase my working knowledge in this field. Why I chose biomedical science: I have a keen interest in the detailed study of the human body and disease processes, and have always aimed at studying these in-depth. ...
I find the amazing ability of living organisms to adapt to their constantly changing environments as highly fascinating and motivating. In chemistry, I am particularly attracted to organic chemistry, especially because it deals with the formulation of drugs and in understanding the basis behind mechanisms of drug metabolism and other such processes. Studying chemistry at the AS level has sharpened my laboratory skills and enhanced my ability in handling equipment for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Since I prefer the practical aspects of biology and aim at going beyond conventional theoretical studies, studying biomedical science is my ultimate goal. Expectations from the course: While pursuing this course, I expect to be introduced to issues of human health, disease diagnosis and treatment, and formulation and screening of new drugs. I would gain a better understanding of new research frontiers in medical science, and will be better equipped to explore modern advancements in biomedical research. I will be in a better position to seek new treatment modalities for diseases, and understand the already existing ones. By studying this course at the XXXXXXX College/University, I will be exposed to an enviably good educational environment, and peers and professors that are more creditable and knowledgeable. Work experience: I have gained significant experience working at a local hospital for over a month. The job involved working with doctors, dentists, laboratory technicians and other medical professionals. Working at this hospital has helped me in communicating better with medical personnel, and has also provided me with the mental conditioning required for the kind of job environment I will be exposed to after completing biomedical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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