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The influx of Albanian refugees over a decade ago has been quite massive due to the war in Kosovo. However, it seems that not all immigrants are refugees from the war since it has been found out that mostly are from Albania…
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Human Rights: Campaign Proposal and Campaign Rationale
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately, this has also brought along people that are hardened by the years of conflict that has been characteristic of the region. Albania and Kosovo are both part of the Balkans which is more commonly referred as the shatter zone (Loughlina and Kolossov 1999). This is a particularly fragile region and had known wars and conflicts for almost a century – quite the setting for human rights violations. Towards the latter part of the last century, war erupted and the province of Yugoslavia broke away. This started the flood of Albanians to the UK which seem to have been also the entry point for the illegal immigrants and the hard line Albanians that has sown the seeds enabling the overflow of human rights violations, particularly to women, in the UK. The organisation is an NGO that has been concerned with the influx of women from the Balkans that have been peddled on the streets of UK as prostitutes. It is clear that this has been an increasingly lucrative trade and has been held by Albanians that have entered into the UK and the other parts of Europe (Bennetto 2002). As an NGO, the organisation has volunteers willing and able to seek out these troubled women and provide counseling and even assistance should they want to escape and go back to their homelands. Of course the organisation does not hope to do this operation alone and can only function as an intermediary for these women and the authorities. Another main focus of the organisation is the information drive for the Albanian community in the UK as well as a general information drive on the rest of the UK, concentrating initially in London. Project background/overview Understanding the problem is key to finding the solution therefore an understanding of these Albanians --be their origins be from Albania or Kosovo --remains a very important element of the organisations human rights campaign is to gain traction. As mentioned, most of the Albanians have gained entry because of the war in Kosovo. This new country is undergoing a long and arduous process of transition. Being a new country, Kosovo is a case of nation building in its strictest sense. The country is grappling for true identity as well as true independence. However, the efforts by the new government as well as the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has been significantly weighted down by the prevalent ethnic differences between the new majority and minority of the country. The Albanians, who now constitute the majority are Muslims while the former part of the majority, the remaining Serbs, are Orthodox Christians (Kupchan 2005). Looking at this stark comparison in religion, it is clear how different the culture is for these two groups. Likewise, it is easy to see the differences in culture these Albanians have from the rest of UK. However, much to the organisation’s disdain, it seems that these Albanians have found a common ground with the British in prostitution. The proliferation of the sex trade that has been controlled by the Albanians is enough evidence of this symbiotic existence between the two. It seems that a blind eye has been turned in the direction of this problem whereby the rights of women continue to be trampled by this illicit sex trade. The organisation, recognizing the difficulty being encountered by the policymakers and various stakeholders in fostering true respect for human rights, seeks to single out an important part of the region’s nation building efforts – the women. In so doing, the organisation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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