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Make Poverty History - Research Proposal Example

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Fledglings Events Marketing Co. has been given the go-ahead to create all aspects of marketing and promotion for next year's Make Poverty History concert. The event Make Poverty History 2006 has a budget of 400,000 and the goal of the event is to spread awareness for causes of poverty and to help to raise funds to tackle the causes of poverty…
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Make Poverty History
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the latest activities undertaken by the organization have been the Live 8 network of live concerts, around the world, in July 2005, and the latest campaign 'One'. "Vote Justice Now" is the manifesto for another lobbying campaign. Musician turned activist Bob Geldof was one of the main organizers of Live 8 in July 2005 and a prominent international figure for his efforts to raise money for Ethiopia in 1984, through the release of the single 'Don't They Know it's Christmas', and Band Aid concerts in 1985 (among his highly quoted bits: "People are dying NOW", "Give us the fucking money NOW"), when for the first time he urged the entertainment industry to get involved by taking a leading role (Bob Geldof, 2005) in eradicating poverty. The Make Poverty History 2006 will be not only a lobbying instrument, but also it is designed to raise money for Africa.
The Make Poverty History 2006 event is the most prestigious event of this kind in that we have created methodology to deliver a global promotion designed to attract donors and performers from around the world.
We intend to create an image of the company and the cause by associating with performers who have ethical concerns and help in spreading awareness on global poverty issues. This theme will be repeated in websites, newspaper ads, flyers, posters and letters requesting support from high profile donors.
This will be promoted as a major event of 2006 and it will be attended by not only the high profile and affluent donors, because of the large area we are able to provide for an audience along with prices to suit everyone's budget, the Make Poverty History 2006 is also going to be next year's highest 'market demand' event among entertainment seekers.
5.1 Marketing Campaign Objectives
Marketing Strategy Overview
The objectives of this marketing campaign are:
To create global understanding of the Make Poverty History concept to spread awareness around the world so that donations to help end poverty continue to flow in even after the event is over.
To develop synergy around the idea of a global community working together to end pain and suffering caused by poverty
To create the biggest and best ever Make Poverty History event.
Marketing methods and techniques that will be used in promoting Make Poverty History 2006 will include:
Some of the long term marketing objectives include
1. Raising Public Awareness
2. Lobbying to raise money for poverty eradication
3. Working in association with the UK government to spread awareness on the world poverty situation especially in Africa
4.2 Marketing Methods and Techniques (Theoretical Perspectives)
The Four Ps of Marketing will be used as the basis for our marketing technique. The marketing plan could be analyzed in terms of the Marketing theory of Four Ps.

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Make Poverty History Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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