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Critically evaluate one approach to organisational culture change - Yandex Case Study - Essay Example

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Organisational culture change - Yandex Case Study Table of Contents Part 1: Using the OD framework proposed by Brown (2011:35), what OD strategy and interventions would you recommend to the Board of Yandex to support them in achieving their goals? Justify your recommendations with supporting evidence…
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Critically evaluate one approach to organisational culture change - Yandex Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Justify your recommendations with supporting evidence. Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia. The success of the firm is closely related to its strategic decisions and its structure. However, it is clear that certain interventions are required in order for the firm’s goals to be fully achieved. The update of the firm’s OD strategy would be a potential solution for the above problem. The OD framework developed by Brown (2011), see also Graph 1 – Appendix, can be considered as a quite effective tool for developing the particular task. Primarily, the involvement of this tool in the restructuring of the firm’s OD strategy should be appropriately justified; reference should be made to the firm’s goals. ...
Despite the fact that the promotion of the above strategy has helped the firm to keep its performance at high levels, still there is a series of organizational issues, which need to be appropriately addressed. The change of the firm’s existing OD strategy would be the most effective way for achieving the above target. This change could be based on the OD framework of Brown (2011), see Graph 1, Appendix. In the context of this framework, the firm’s current strategy should be restructured at the following points: a) at the first stage, the need for change should be clearly defined – meaning that the firm’s strategic managers should understand this need and should be willing to support it; Yandex is a firm well established in the Russian market, controlling the 57% of the specific market; the profitability of the firm is high, being increased at a level of 80% annually (page 2, case study); moreover, its employees are chosen through a detailed recruitment process which guarantees that only candidates with the necessary skills enter the organization; from this point of view, the change of the firm’s strategy – in one or more areas – would have many chances of success, taking into consideration the exceptional relationships among employees and the high level of communication/ cooperation across the organization, b) emphasis should be given on the improvement of the relationship between the employees and the clients; despite the fact that communication and collaboration in the internal organizational environment is highly developed, in the firm’s external environment the following problem seems to exist: the relationship between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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