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Why do people need self esteem - Essay Example

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Everyone has self-esteem. What self-esteem is and how to measure it is not important. An individuals needs to focus on learning the unique causes of low self-esteem, factors that create high self-esteem, and that the effects of low-self esteem can be devastating. …
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Why do people need self esteem
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Download file to see previous pages The significance and rationale for having self esteem can be well imagined by these words, “People with high self esteem know more about themselves.” (Campbell, 1990) Many would agree that positive attitudes about ourselves, our capabilities and accomplishments ideally should arise from our own evaluation of ourselves. Approval, applause and praise from others are enjoyable and it can certainly feel good to be on the receiving end of it, but the appraisal of us by others should not determine our sense of self-worth. individuals sometimes get in a bind trying to feel good about ourselves yet not wanting to come off appearing too conceited to others. It is the very act of needing to take into account how individuals lose genuine self-esteem. Instead, allow yourself to be your own judge of who you are. individuals cannot control how others feel but individuals can control how individuals feel about ourselves. Self-esteem means you can continue to consider yourself as an OK person despite being less than perfect. As narrated by DuBois in his article, “A high level of overall self esteem is generally facilitative of health and well being, but that these benefits can be obscured when maladaptive strategies are relied on to acquire and sustain positive self evaluations.” ...
In social acceptability, self esteem is highly valued. Most of success and failures are bound with the interrelationship of our personality and self esteem level it carries. “We manage our existential terror by creating and putting our faith into a cultural worldview, and through the self-esteem that comes from living up to the standards of this worldview (Pyszczynski, et. al. 2004)”. Besides this, self esteem also has certain connections with level of anxiety and worry faced by an individual. “People need self-esteem to buffer the anxiety and avoid being paralyzed by it, so they can move forward toward their important goals. To get self-esteem, people must believe in a cultural worldview that specifies standards for what makes a person valuable, and they must believe they satisfy those standards.” (Crocker & Nuer, 2004) Existential terror shatters the personality and psychology of the sufferers badly and adversely. “The dual components of cultural worldview and self-esteem mitigate the effects of existential terror, and that reminders of one’s mortality lead to the need for these psychological structures. This is known as the mortality salience hypothesis” (Pyszczynski et al., 2004) Why Self Esteem necessary for Student? Students make a large portion of population. They remain anxious and ambitious about their performance, competence and results in the examination. This creates a lot of worry and wonder for them. But, if self esteem is at high level, a student may feel relieved. They can achieve the highest goal with their high self esteem. “Pursuing self-esteem is an effective solution to the problem of anxiety, that it helps people achieve their important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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