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Self-esteem - Essay Example

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Self-Esteem Name Date Self-esteem can be simply termed as self-judgment that leads to systematic planning and adjustment in future life. Still, lack of self-esteem affects self-confidence and leads to seclusion and other problems in life. So, proper self-judgment can help one to increase self confidence in different stages of life…
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Extract of sample "Self-esteem"

Self-Esteem Self-esteem can be simply termed as self-judgment that leads to systematic planning and adjustment in future life. Still, lack of self-esteem affects self-confidence and leads to seclusion and other problems in life. So, proper self-judgment can help one to increase self confidence in different stages of life. Thesis statement: My self-esteem is related to strengths like self-confidence and readiness to change, the areas still need work are recognition and success, the ideas to increase self-esteem are acceptability, friendliness, and helping mindedness, and my self-confidence is related to responsible attitude, dependability, cordiality, passion, trustworthiness, duty mindedness, hard work and punctuality. Description: The most important strengths that I have developed over time are self-confidence and readiness to change. Schiraldi (2009) makes clear that, “It’s preferable to say simply that people possess self-esteem when they have a realistic and appreciative opinion of themselves” (p. 26). During my school days, some of my school mates used to bully me. I tried my level best to keep myself away from bullies. But they never allowed me to escape from victimization. One day, I came to realize that low self esteem is the grass-root level reason behind my problem. The very next day, I decided to gain self-confidence by changing my attitude. I was ready to change according to the situation. I directly approached the bullies and pointed out that I will react against their misconduct. This readiness to change helped me to increase my self-confidence. Now I realize that self-confidence and willingness to change can help an individual to be free from the problem of low self-esteem. Discussion: I know that mere self-confidence cannot help one to be successful in life. For example, a feeble minded individual can pretend that he/she is confident. Actually, he/she is facing low self-esteem, but is pretending as an individual with confidence. This measure to gain recognition (say, without proper planning) will not lead one towards success in future. If one is aiming to gain recognition within one’s private/public domains, one needs to prove his/her worthiness. Then, success will follow that individual with much more ease. I know that gaining recognition within my public domain is not an easy task. Still, I feel positive because my desire to gain recognition will help me to overcome most of the hurdles on my way. Explanation: A. My ideas to increase my levels of self-esteem on a daily basis My ideas include a number of elements like gaining acceptability, friendly attitude and helping mindedness. I am confident that these steps can help me to increase my levels of self-esteem on a daily basis. First of all, I will try to become acceptable among the members of my family. Then, I will try to be acceptable among my friends, teachers, and elders. I know that friendly approach can solve almost all the problems in my public circle. So, I will be friendly with others and provide importance to their opinion on me. Besides, I will try to help others in critical situations. B. My ideas to maintain a high level of self-confidence in both my personal and professional lives Within my personal life, I will implement some ideas to maintain a high level of self-confidence. These ideas include responsible attitude, dependability, cordiality, and passion. I will be responsible for my behavior towards others in my person life. I will prove myself as a dependable person. Besides, I will try to develop cordial relation with individuals who are within my personal circle. I will develop passion towards simple things in my personal life. Within my professional service/ life, I will try to develop my inter-personal relationships. This initiative will help me to prove myself as a trustworthy individual. I will not ignore my primary duties, but will be duty minded. One can see that hard working is a key factor of success. So, I will develop positive attitude towards my profession and will project myself as a hardworking individual. I am aware of the fact that punctuality is another factor that leads one towards self-esteem. So, I will prove myself as an individual who is punctual. Summing, one can get rid of one’s low self-esteem by gaining self-confidence through planning. If one’s aim is to develop self-esteem, one must be ready to change one’s attitude towards life. I know that self-esteem cannot be gained by implementing a short-term plan. Instead, long-term planning is a key factor that leads one towards self-esteem. I did change my attitude and the same helped me to overcome almost all the troubles in my private life. So, I feel confident that my long-term plans will help me to maintain a high level of self-confidence in my life. References Schiraldi, G. R. (2009). The Self-Esteem Workbook. Oakland, CA: Read More
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Self-Esteem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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