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This is a discussion about the judgment that ensures safety. The analysis and discussion about the behavior of people in organization and on individual basis reveals that the discipline, self confidence and self control are keys for any person to ensure safety as a result of judgments in crucial situations…
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Correlation between Safety and Judgement (Pychology Static Research)
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Download file to see previous pages However, as the safety of a person depends on interpersonal skills as well as communication skills, the positive attitude also helps in gaining self confidence as well as keeping away from disasters in life. The usage and application of interpersonal skills depend on the surroundings and the ability of the individual to use his communication skills as per the needs. In this paper, 41 people of age groups 18 and 21 are analyzed according to the above mentioned aspects.
The individuals selected are the people aged between 18 and 21 years, having mean age as 20 years. Hence, Mean age =20. Range = 3. Majority of the participants are Caucasian and the families belong to middle class. Participants visited the psychologist's lab all at a once, when they are given a test regarding their decision making and judgment. After that they met psychologist once in a month and out of 41 three of the participants visited once in three months for the first one year. Hence, for 38 participants the yearly visits were 12 and for three of them they were 4 each. Consequently, when the values of yearly visits are calculated, there are 38 values of each 12 and 3 values of each 4. The standard deviation for the above values is 11.4 and is nearer to the majority of the values in the visits data and hence the researchers considered the results. In the second year for the first six months, all the participants are asked to visit once in two months and all the participants followed the instruction. In the next six months of the second year, they were asked to visit once in three months and at the last visit, the consequences of their judgment have been compared.
In the research the individuals are given two consequences and are asked for answers. The first one is about an uncomfortable situation that demands a judgment to come out of it safely and the second one is about a normal situation that talks about the future situation. The participants responded according to their confidence level and amount of attribution. Researchers classified the 41 participants into groups according to their confidence levels and amount of attribution. As amount of attribution depended on confidence level, participants are divided into three groups basically having high confidence level as well as attribution (A), the high level of self control with resourcefulness (B), the participants having less confidence as well as self control (C). In group A, there are 12 participants, 13 participants in group B and 16 participants in group C. The division of the participants into three groups has been done based on the conversations during the visits in the first year. Moreover, researchers found that the resourcefulness of participants while taking a decision. While considering the resourcefulness, the researchers graded the decisions of the participants according to different situations that come over in the course of one's life according to the individual's community and profession. The safety and judgment results are as following according to the confidence, attribution levels of the groups. It is clear from the following graph, that the self control group that have high resourcefulness has shown greater safety for their judgments in the course of time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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