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Libya ongoing revolutions and protests in the countries - Essay Example

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Libya ongoing revolutions and protests in the countries Date: University: Libya Ongoing Revolutions and Protests in the Countries The Libyan revolution is a new historical development in the region, following the revolutionary Egyptian protests…
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Libya ongoing revolutions and protests in the countries
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Download file to see previous pages Libyan revolution is also a moment where Libyan masses have stood against the dictatorship of Gaddafi. Libyan people rebelled against ideology and dysfunctional Gaddafi government (Burleigh 2011). As often happens, elements of ideology have inspired a genuine form of them to commence a revolution against the rulers. Gaddafi always mentioned Libya as “state of the masses” which is against the reality (Meo 2011). Revolution against his mockery is getting strength day by day. It is worth mentioning that revolution is non-dominant by any specific class as Libya stood as a single nation against Gaddafi (Al Jazeera 2011). Gaddafi’s Libya does not follow any law and rule in the country, his might and power is the law of state. Gaddafi thinks that Libya cannot survive without his leadership ad without his family. Gaddafi has been found involved in rebellious activities outside the Libyan borders as well. With such a long history of brutality and violence, every Libyan is aware of the consequences of opposing him but even than people are protesting to be free of his rule (Meo 2011). The revolution has spread from Benghazi, to the capital city Tripoli (BBC 2011). Masses are able to get control over the large area after the onset of revolution in March this year. Gaddafi regime is slowly moving to its end as soldiers, police officers, and diplomats are reluctant to suppress their own citizens (Al Jazeera 2011). The protests show no sign of support. In fact, the Gaddafi’s regime has shaken. Reports indicate that soldiers, police officers, and diplomats are defecting. Air force pilots are reluctant to bomb civilian population, choosing instead to crash their warplanes (Al Jazeera 2011). Arab world has all the sympathies and support with Libyan people. Outcome of the confrontation is still not clear but people are energized to get their territory free of Dictator Gaddafi. Most of the protests took place around famous Green Square. Gaddafi government to suppress the uprising used all military machinery. The New York Times reported that the crackdown in Libya as the bloodiest of the recent government actions that casted hundreds of lives (BBC 2011). Several Libyan officials resigned during protests while others left the government. Funeral processions faced gunfires in the eastern city of Benghazi killing people and wounding many more. Benghazi city's residents faced the battle bravely in the streets imposed by brutal security forces sent from the capital. One man, who gave his name only as Mohammed talked to the BBC that "The army is joining the citizens, the people are going out of their homes and fighting street by street and they are winning” (Meo 2011). Therefore, number of anti government supporters is increasing fast. Gaddafi has refused to resign from his office despite severe retaliation of policies by the people of Libya. Good amount of army troops are committed to enforce the will of Moammar Gaddafi on the innocent people of Libya (BBC 2011). Gaddafi’s government ordered to open fire on the protesters gathered in Tripoli. The people gave their blood to continue the revolution until dictators leaves the office and democracy is restored. People of an oil rich soil are deprived of the jobs and basic facilities for decades (Meo 2011). NATO forces operated against the Gaddafi’s supporting agencies to protect the Libyan people. NATO successfully ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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