Compare and contrast the approaches taken by John Lewis Partnership and Tesco plc with regard to their social and community resp - Essay Example

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John Lewis Partnership & Tesco Plc John Lewis partnership is a UK chain of super stores and supermarkets, owned by a trust on behalf of its employees. Tesco plc is a publicly limited company which has many retail outlets around the globe…
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Compare and contrast the approaches taken by John Lewis Partnership and Tesco plc with regard to their social and community resp
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the approaches taken by John Lewis Partnership and Tesco plc with regard to their social and community resp"

Download file to see previous pages This management style and culture is analyzed by assessing the social and community responsibilities of both the organizations. As with any company, both the organizations have put a great focus towards their corporate social responsibility. Both the organizations have worked immensely towards the building of society and shown great care towards the environment in which they operate. The only difference between the two organizations is the fact that Tesco plc operates around the globe whilst JLP has just to focus on its UK market community only as it operates over there only. Both the companies are heavily involved in volunteering and fundraising for charities and other local communities. Besides the community, the company has kept a great focus on the environment in which they operate. Both the companies are heavily involved in contributing a great deal towards the environment, both of these companies have a major focus on reducing their carbon footprints, Tesco has kept a long term view in this perspective, it aims to be a zero carbon business by 2050. Both the companies have kept huge objectives for themselves with respect to the environment in which they operate. ...
it aims to plant 950,000 trees in Thailand, reducing carrier baggage use by 70% and 20% in UK and Japan respectively. As Tesco is a large organization, it has to cater to all the countries demands and has to focus within every country in which it operates so that it does not lose its appeal and goodwill created amongst its customer. This focus onto the environment is considered to be one of the major steps in creating greater goodwill amongst the customers of both the organizations. Tesco, as opposed to JLP has been really focused on to the climate change factor. Tesco knows that the climate change factor has been highly debatable these days and that is the reason that Tesco has aimed to create awareness amongst its customers about the climate change factor and how the reduced usage of packaging material and high focus of green recycling can help in contributing towards a better climate and environment. As far as the products are concerned, Tesco offers a wide variety of products as opposed to JLP. But as for the method of sale, both the companies have kept great quality standards within their products. Both the companies have ensured that their respective products are of the greatest value to their customers. Proper laws are also followed while selling off these products. Both the companies tend to ensure their customers that the products being offered are produced responsibly. The companies have kept special focus and great relationship with their suppliers as strong bondage with these suppliers ensure long term growth for both the company as well as the suppliers. The companies also have a great focus towards their customers as customers are the only people that generate funds for the company. Both the companies have had a great ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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