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Introduction to management - Essay Example

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Comparative Analysis on Social and Community Responsibility of Two Companies: John Lewis Partnership and Tesco PLC Name University Professor Course Date Comparative Analysis on Social and Community Responsibility of Two Companies: John Lewis Partnership and Tesco Plc The corporate social responsibility or CSR is an important aspect of a company’s management, operation and structure because it defines the mission and vision of the company not only towards profitability but more importantly towards sustainability…
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Introduction to management
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, the company is owned by the employees since every partner’s main responsibility is to help and succeed in every endeavour that is set within its course. With the complex structure of the corporation, it is important to study and to analyze the corporate social responsibility which is often neglected but can be considered one of the most important aspects of a company (John Lewis Partnership, 2011b, About Us). In terms of CSR, the company believed in the importance of achieving goals while being a good corporate citizen. Their goal in terms of CSR is sustainability through civic responsibility as a method of establishing long term relationship with customers and suppliers. Specifically, JLP is employing environmentally sound policies, local community participation, and responsible sourcing and trading (JLP, 2011b, Our Responsibilities). One of the boldest moves undertaken by the company towards its CSR objectives is the implementation of CSR governance which is defined as the Partnership-wide action. In this project, Workplace Steering Group was established to concentrate solely on the planning, implementation and assessment of the CSR programs of the company. Also, the most important duty of the group is to mobilize the different departments and committees within the company to implement and to inculcate CSR perspective in every business practices. Thus, there are four major departments within JLP structure namely: the Employment Working Groups or the workplace composed of the people; the Divisional Steering and/or Working Groups or the marketplace steering group composed of customers, products and suppliers; the Divisional Community Investment Committees which are composed of the different communities; and the Environmental Steering Group which is composed of the company’s environment (JLP, 2011a, p.4). Tesco Plc and Its Views Telco Plc is a company focused in the retail service. It has a chain of groceries and general merchandise outlets. The company is focused on the goal of creating value for the customer to achieve lifetime loyalty from them. Thus, the different aspects of the company is focused on the improvement of the retail business specifically the increase in number of branches, the expansion to international sites and the inclusion of different marketing interface such as online selling (Tesco Plc., 2011, About Us). In terms of CSR, Tesco Plc have clear objectives and path to achieve them. Included in the CSR aspect of the company are: the focus on the environment, the communities, the responsible buying and selling of products, the provision of healthy choices to the clients, and the people comprising the whole company structure (Tesco Plc., 2011). Comparison between John Lewis Partnership and Tesco Plc. Based on the study on the CSR policies of the two companies, there are similar and varying policies and views. Both companies have clear focus on the importance of CSR in the business operation. But there are significant differences in the process of implementation of the policies. One of the main different between the two companies is the structure for CSR implementation. In JLP, an independent department ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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