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Introduction to Management -- Economics, Finance and Management - Assignment Example

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The manufacturing of the ceramic tiles and their subsequent sale therefore is the core business of the firm. The service offered by the firm includes providing assistance to the…
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Introduction to Management -- Economics, Finance and Management
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"Introduction to Management -- Economics, Finance and Management"

Download file to see previous pages One of the stakeholders of the firm may be its customers who can significantly be involved in the stakeholder’s conflict. This may be due to the fact that the customers may not be willing to purchase the products of the firm due to various reasons including firm’s reputation for providing environment friendly products etc. This may be an strong point of conflict between the firm and its most important stakeholders.
Government can be another important stakeholder in this business because Government has the overall responsibility of ensuring that firms are meeting the exact criteria as laid down by the law. Further, it can also be at conflict with other stakeholders because Government often take unilateral decisions which may adversely affect other set of stakeholders. As such government takes such actions very wisely in order to avoid direct conflict with other set of stakeholders.
Every commercial organization has the sole purpose of achieving higher value for its shareholders. As such it is important that it must earn profit and maximize it to the fullest advantage of the shareholders. Profit maximization therefore is a term which is used to indicate that the firm’s value is what it should have been rather than what it is now.
Profit satisficing on the other hand is the firm’s pursuit to earn satisfactory profits rather than maximum profits. This can be due to the fact that a firm might have some other objectives to pursue rather than the profit maximization. Such objectives can included maximization of market value etc. it is also important to note that the notion of profit satisficing differs from firm to firm and each management or firm may pursue the aim in different manner.
From the given facts in the essay study it seems that the firm is a profit satisficer as its objectives and actions indicate that it is attempting to increase the profitability to a reasonable level. It is important to note that the profit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction to Management -- Economics, Finance and Management Assignment.
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