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Managing Organizational Change: Organizations had tough challenging times during the financial crisis. With huge liquidity crunch in the system, the revenue turnover of organizations has severely dried up. During this period the consumer expenditure has decreased to the least and with not much fresh buying, the organizations’ sales have been severely hit and this has resulted in decreasing the turnover of the organization…
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Common Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The Financial crisis has severely affected the personnel of the organizations. There have been several instances of employees’ retrenchment, downsizing as well as cutting the workforce to reduce the fixed overheads. This has resulted in the organizations left with only a fewer employees to meet the obligations and this causes the organizations to suffer not only in producing more products but also in producing quality products. (Skipper, 2009, pp.3-5; Basu, n.d, pp.205-207; Shah, 2010) The paper will assess the situation where the executives have been trying to redesign the jobs for employees and thereby facing a loss of employees every time they attempt to change the structure. Boosting Employee moral: An organization should look at effectively protecting the morale of the employee and constantly monitor the employee morale because the organizations have to realize at first the growth, the productivity of the organization rest mainly on the employees’ expertise. So the organization must be clear and lucid to the point of the scope of each and every employee. Giving a clear and transparent job specification to each and every employee is highly essential. Proper and effective communication is also highly important as clear communication addresses many complex issues. The employee should be given enough space for expressing ideas in a particular matter the employee is expert. The employee should be given in hand training for the particular job and should be given adequate feedback for their improvement such that the employee can get accustomed to the job requirement as needed by the employer. (Bruce, 2002, pp.69-74; Martocchio, 2004, pp.163-164) Designing crisis management: During the times of recession, the executives have been involved in restructuring the jobs, the situation during the crisis have gone to such extent that the employees working in a particular domain had to work on other domains simultaneously. There have been several instances when an employee working in a higher designation has to work for much lower designation profiles which have acted to a huge impediment to the morale up gradation of the employee. During the crisis period the situation has gone to such a level that in an IT organizations employees working as software developers for the organization even had to do marketing jobs which is a completely different profile for those employees. Moreover, employees working in higher designations to the level of floor managers or middle level managers in an organizational structure had to do works like depositing funds or withdrawal of funds from banks which are simply clerical jobs. So in different high esteemed organizations employees of higher repute and working in much senior positions had to do simple clerical jobs mainly to make up for the jobs of the employees who have been retrenched during the crisis. This has caused a huge moral degradation of the employees. On the other hand this has severely increased the work load on the employees as they had to take multidimensional roles in their work. This has caused a major setback in the employees’ moral. This has again resulted in employees resigning their positions as not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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