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Safeguarding Children in the USA - Research Proposal Example

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The research paper “Safeguarding Children in the USA” seeks to evaluate legislation, policies, and procedures to protect the well-being of children within the UK territory. All the people below 18 years of age are considered children under English law…
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Safeguarding Children in the USA
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Download file to see previous pages The initial assessment checklist is provided to help a parent or caregiver determine if a child or young adult needs help. In case the parent or caregiver is not trained to perform the CAF, he/she can know when to consult a professional to conduct the assessment for them.
CAF is used alongside other assessment programs to ensure it is effective. Some of these additional programs are the program for assessing children with disabilities.
The CAF process involves the following:
• Assessing the development of children and young adults.
• Assessing the family environment under which the children and the young people grow.
• Assessment of the parents and caregivers for the children and young adults.
It goes further to provide practical ways in which to meet the needs of all the parties involved for the benefit of the children and young adults (Frangos 2009, p.521).
The intent of this program is to determine the extra needs of children early enough and to address them before they get to a problematic point. Most children and young people go through difficulties as they grow, and if not identified at an early stage, it may cause problems in the development of the person. This program provides a favorable environment for children and young people to live and grow. It enables children and young people to transition well into adulthood and develops into all rounded and responsible adults who are productive in society (Horwath 2009, p.16). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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