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People, Management: Challenges and Choices - Essay Example

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Job Design & Flexibility Table of Contents Job Design & Flexibility 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Job Design and Flexibility 3 Common Approaches to the Job Designs 6 Conclusion 7 Reflective study 7 Introduction In today’s contemporary world, the organizations are facing enough challenges…
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People, Management: Challenges and Choices
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Download file to see previous pages For an instance, a conventional study practitioner may look at the job design from a much diversified way from a specialist or an ergonomist in the group working. It would be wrong to say that any of these perspectives are not correct. However, it can be said that they put stress on different features of the job design. So, for an instance, it would not be necessarily unsuited for a manager to utilize the techniques of the work study to estimate the performance of the each element of any job, while at same time bearing in mind the ergonomic features of the way in which the working environment is required to be managed and also zeroing down on relevant autonomy level to design a work group. There are many alternative job designs available. For any reason, a perception of the job design is expected to achieve is pretty much important. There are certain performance objectives which can be relevant in the decisions of the job designs. Quality The capability of any staff to develop high quality merchandises and services could be affected through the job design. This would include avoiding the errors in this short term. However, designing jobs would encourage the staffs to enhance job leading to less amount of errors. Speed Very often, response speed is a prominent objective which is expected to be attained in the job designs. For an instance, the organizing way of the jobs of personnel in the emergency service would go long way which would determine the employees’ ability to give prompt respond to the emergencies as well as save the lives. The job designs of them would include the range of activities which they are trained on, the appropriate sequence of these activities and procedures and the autonomy in which they would decide on the appropriate action and such other activities. Dependability Job design can influence the dependable supply of services and goods. For an instance, in postal services, the working arrangements of the same, multi skilling, proper usage of the sorting equipment, good interface design of the staff machine as well as staff design of the postal clothes could contribute to the dependable parcels and letters delivery. Flexibility The design of any job can put an impact on the capability of any operation to alter nature of job activities. The flexibility in new service or product, the flexibility in the mix, volume and delivery of the same are more or less dependent on the job designs. For an instance, the staffs, who would have been provided with the training on several tasks, may easily cope with a broad range of relevant models as well as introductions to the new service or product. Cost All the components of the job design can be articulated in the above would put an impact on productivity and hence on the cost of the job. In this specific context, the productivity would mean the output ratio to labor input. For an instance, number of the consumers served in any hour or products manufactured per worker. Adding to it, the job design is expected to influence two specific significant objectives. Health & Safety Apart from the achievements of any job design, one factor, which is more important, is well being of any employee. The design of any job must not jeopardize the well being of any person or some other person, or the stakeholders including the customers who may have presence in the operational process or the people who would utilize the products ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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