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GROUNDED THEORY PROJECT Grounded Theory Project: Respectful Interaction Introduction Respectful interaction has been able to affect how people construct their relationships with others with regard to various structures and situations. The context in which various kinds of consciousness about one’s behavior, has to do with community consciousness of one’s surroundings…
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Grounded Theory Project - Respectful Interaction
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Download file to see previous pages These ideas were investigated using qualitative analysis as well as the construct of ethnography. The general, overall theme is self-consciousness of interaction which is respectful in various situations which denote three dominant themes and one emerging theme that was taken directly from data utilizing the Ground Theory Method: (1) transformative behaviors; (2) self-consciousness of one’s self and others; (3) maintaining and developing situational awareness; and (4) alteration of attitudes for the purposes of social contracts and societal approval. Methods: Data Collection and Analysis of Interview Results The coding that was done was completed due to having analyzed a total of 37 narratives as well as select interviews, most of which dealt with the idea of respective interaction. Four personal interviews were used in order to look at the unique categories which emerged that also consequently had similar elements. After starting to code in the beginning, Axial coding was used. This was how categories were realized. The importance was in looking for relationships that would form a categorization, then connecting the four categories that were identified. The coding helped one comprehend various happenings that had effects on the element of respectful interaction. At the same time, discourse explaining the similarities was looked at in-depth. In addition, codes which were most prevalent among the 37 participants in the study were found, in addition to those which were utilized less frequently. As such, starting off with minimal knowledge, the participants knew about various reactions they had had in various situations, finding out that theme kept reoccurring within the scope of the study. The difficulty in managing all the various themes was what inspired the entire coding process. At that stage, categories were reworked in order to collude the findings with the theory. Looking at why the coding was done, one begins to realize the logic behind the code. The grounded theory method informed data analysis. Various techniques were used in order to figure out categories, as well as analyze elements that came directly from the copy of the interviews that were listened to or read aloud. These elements were connected together to established, legitimate theories. Reading through various notes taken on the subject, several themes developed. As the categories themselves came to fruition, data was compared amongst categories. The categories seemed to be like pieces of a puzzle which each had different parts. In analysis of the interview results, what was summarily done was coding. Coding was utilized in order to find the various elements that would illuminate the various types of groups. As the coding was occurring, it was observed that although these elements vary in nature, they happened to show actions that circled around a familiar entity which was comprised of consciousness of oneself as well as other people. This entity could be categorized under a more vague concept, which was a category entitled detachment. The three common themes show the prevalent necessity of respectful interaction, especially in the context of networking and making friendships adn acquaintances ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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