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To what extent selection methods are acceptable by organisations - Essay Example

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Dissertation Proposal “Recruitment and Selection: Methods of Selection and Its acceptability by the organizations” Introduction Organizations need effective human resources to carry out their day to day operations and give the desired output resulting in the development of the company…
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To what extent selection methods are acceptable by organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Various factors, both internal and external, contribute to the process of recruitment which includes recruitment policy, costs, growth and expansion of the organization along with supply and demand of specific skills in the market, political and legal considerations, etc. (Gupta, 2007). According to Edenborough (2007) ‘selection can be defined as the combination of processes that lead to the choice of one or more candidates over others for one or more jobs or roles’. However it is to mention that selection of the employees starts where recruitment ends. Selection is the process of discovering the qualifications and characteristics of the job applicant in order to establish their likely suitability of job position which requires a methodical approach so as to find the best person for the job (Haryani, 2008). There are various methods of selection to complete the recruitment process to get the best human resources that can carry out the work with elan. However it is necessary to understand that various other factors like employee union, political and legal pressure, etc. impede the selection process making it difficult for the companies to complete the process, therefore it is necessary to select a suitable methodical approach of selection for the completion of recruitment process. ...
ection process of recruitment 3) To analyze the extent of use of psychometric tools, social process and other internal and external sources by studying the selection process in one of the employee recruitment agency. 4) To analyze, the extent to which selection methods could be adapted by an organization. Review of Literature Recruitment is typically regarded as the poor relation of selection while selection has caught the attention of organizational psychologists keen to improve the reliability and validity of selection methods (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2005). Selection methods ensure that investments made in job design, advertising, career fairs and other recruitment activities bear fruit in the form of qualified, skilled and well motivated new employees who will be able and willing to contribute to the objectives of the organization (Nankervis, Compton and Morrissey, 2009). Selection techniques cannot overcome failures in recruitment but makes them evident (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2005). Williams (2005) mentions various factors which need to be considered while choosing selection methods. Selection criteria for the post to be filled, acceptability and appropriateness of methods, abilities of staff involved in the selection process, ease of administration, time factors, accuracy and cost are some of the factors that should be considered and worked upon while deciding the selection method. Most common recruitment methods used by employers include closed searches i.e. employment from internal sources, word of mouth, associations with schools, colleges and universities; recruitment agencies and responsive methods i.e. speculative applications, open searches, local newspaper advertisements, adverts in specialist press, national newspaper, website, radio and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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