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Running head: ERH3007 Short Report ERH3007 Short Report Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert May 12, 2011 Outline Introduction Overview of the organization Structural issues Discussion of the ways to help solve some of the structural issues Conclusions and recommendations Organizational Structure at H.P Various organizations that we encounter in our daily undertakings in the society have complex operations that cannot be performed by an individual or few individuals…
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Download file to see previous pages The organizational structure will determine the firm’s ability in distributing the activities and how it coordinates the operations (Maguire, 2003, p.11). The organizational structure and design that is adopted by a given organization will greatly determine the performance and the final achievement of the organizational objectives. The kind of relations that is developed among all the stakeholders of the organization is very essential in ensuring that organizational objectives are set that are aimed at satisfying the needs of the stakeholders. There is need for the top management of a given organization to involve these other stakeholders in the development of policies that govern the operations within the organization. The way in which information is being passed from the top management down the hierarchy to the low-level implementers will influence the effective decision making process within the organization. A structure that has several layers may not allow for easy dissemination of information between the low-level employees to the top managers. The paper examines the organizational structure that was seen at H.P, a business firm that deals in electronic products in the global market. An analysis is provided for various structural challenges that have been faced by the organization. The poor organizational structure that was seen in the organization in the late 1990s and the early 2000s had various negative impacts on the operations of the organization. The organization was seen to have certain strategies that were not developed according to the competitive nature of the current global market and the needs of some stakeholders. The appropriate organizational structures that can be adopted by the organization to avoid future challenges are also examined. Concepts like corporate governance that have been seen to be behind the successes of various organizations are suggested here as the best measures to be taken in managing the situation at this organization. 1. Overview of the organization Hewlett-Packard (H.P) is business firm in the United States that deals in electronic products in a global market. The firm was established back in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard both from Stanford University. The company initially produced a sound electronic device known as an audio oscillator. Various developments have been seen in the types of products produced by the firms and it currently supplies products like laptops and desktop computers, printers, servers and digital cameras (Case Study). The organizational structure at HP is a complex hierarchical one with various management levels. At the top of the hierarchy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the President. This is followed by executive vice presidents serving in different areas of jurisdictions (Hewlett-Packard, 2011). The individuals at this level include the Chief Technical Officers (CTO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Chief Marketing Officer, the Human Resource Manager and others. There is also the level of the senior vice presidents followed by the vice presidents in the hierarchy. There are other managers at different levels like marketing managers, procurement managers, and sales managers down the hierarchy before ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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