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Relationship between literature, ehnicity and immigration - Essay Example

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The paper includes discussion and analysis on some of the noteworthy aspects of the relationship of three social processes: literature, ethnicity, and immigration. In addition, the paper has recognized and evaluated the abovementioned relationship based on Tajfel’s theory of social identity…
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Relationship between literature, ehnicity and immigration
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Extract of sample "Relationship between literature, ehnicity and immigration"

Download file to see previous pages It is an observation that since ancient times, immigration remained a major activity of humans around the globe who used to travel from one region to another in search of food, shelter, employment, and several other facilities. In the result, this activity has enjoyed significant importance in every aspect of human life, and that is observable in huge amount of literature that indicates significance of immigration and its effects on different aspects of societies globally. This briefly allows the researcher to identify the relationship between immigration and literature, as the later one has always played the role of providing commentary regarding different cultural and social aspects related to the process of immigration during different eras. In addition, it is an understanding that literature has also been responsible for promoting or discouraging immigration in certain regions, and thus, both enjoy a strong relationship with each other.
On the other hand, ethnicity is another imperative notion of human society that refers to the social concept that enables individuals or a group of people to identify each other based on language, culture, or ideology. In particular, analysis (Suls, pp. 33-38) has indicated that literature has been an important factor when it comes to ethnicity, as ethnic groups consider literature as one of their fundamental evidences to prove their ethnicity, and thus, literature and ethnicity exist in an interconnecting relationship with each other. Moreover, if one looks at the relationship of ethnicity and immigration, scrutiny of different sources has pointed out that immigration plays a crucial role in determining ethnicity of different group of people. For instance, when a group of people migrates from one country to another reason for any particular reason, the future generations of same group identify themselves in midst of two ethnicities, one existing in literature connecting them with their forefathers, and on the other hand, one existing in their society where they opened their eyes and grew up. In this regard, both literature and immigration are significant factors to contribute in alteration of ethnicity in a society, whereas, both immigration and ethnicity causes changes in literature, and similarly, literature and ethnicity has always become a reason of immigration in different parts of the globe. Therefore, it will be appropriate to state that all three notions of literature, ethnicity, and immigration enjoy a triangular relationship, where they interrelate with each other in different aspects. Examination of different sources (Suls, pp. 59-64) has indicated that literature related to immigration has always referred to historical and cultural models and techniques to understand its different features. In addition, literature and studies related to ethnicity have indicated dominance of similar models that indicates the relationship of the two with the literature. Another factor of their similar relationship with literature is their similar propensity towards ignoring social and cultural structures on micro or individual level. However, there have been instances where experts have suggested for a psychological scrutiny of different aspects of ethnicity and immigration and their impact on micro level; however, results have pointed out that both exist on macro level, and thus, majority of literature has indicated their construction as a macro component of human society. In order to understand the relationship of literature, ethnicity, and immigration further, the paper will now include analysis of the relationship based on theory of social identity by Tajfel (pp. 23-25) that will be effective in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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