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Assignment Answers Name Professor University Course Date Question 1. Comments on Jane Austen’s movie “Sense and Sensibility” in 1995 The movie “Sense and Sensibility” is based on the novel by Jane Austen. Although is can be considered to have a common storyline, the film had been successful in catching and keeping the attention of the audience…
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Assignment-long answers
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Download file to see previous pages By presenting the movie on a particular perspective which is a unique interpretation of the movie, it can both honour the novel and free the movie of the expectations based on the text. Another element is the success of the film in highlighting the manner of the novel or the talent of the writer. In the movie, one of the most important components is the dominant and character of the heroine which in the particular novel of Austen are representatives of sense and of sensibility (Lee, 1995). Question 2. Analysis of Glamour Plot of “Pride and Prejudice” Pride and prejudice is another movie that is based on the novel by Jane Austen. It is known and described as having a glamour plot. There are essential points in the glamour plot of the novel as well as the movie. One point is the setting of the plot which is 18th century England when the top priority of the parents is to marry their children to rich families to be able to have a favourable position in the class-oriented society. Another point exhibiting the glamour plot of the story is the extravagant settings of every scene. In a general perspective, the story which tackled a family with 5 daughters can be viewed to have 5 lavish marriages to the rich family. This had been achieved in the plot with the focus on the two sisters who met their rich husband during the course of the story. Thus, it is composed of the different social events that creatively described the details of the social scene during the said period (Bevan et al. 2005). Question 3. Comments on Social Journal in the “The Sydney Morning Herald” One of the sections of The Sydney Morning Herald is related to the society and culture. In the article written by Parnell Palme McGuinness “Battle of the binge-thinkers” a current issue had been discussed. Basically the main purpose of the Social Journal or any social article is to present different view and issues in the society. In the article different current issues had been touched such as the royal wedding and the effects on the various social aspects of the problem. The royal wedding is one of the issues that affected the activities of the people. Another is the social and political aspects of the said event. Due to the influence of the people involved in the event, most people that are invited such as Julia Gilliard took the time to attend for both social and political interactions, but are ware of the issues discussed (McGuinness, 2011). Question 4. Comments on “Carbon Tax” issues in the “The Sydney Morning Herald” Carbon tax is a continuing topic in the Sydney Morning Herald for the past few months. One of the latest comments related to the issue was made by Abbott. According to him the carbon tax will lead to the deterioration of Australia’s economy by causing the lost of jobs in the country. By putting more difficulty to the operation of services, the carbon tax, according to Abbott will eventually lead to the failure to maintain a first world status. Many would agree on Abbott’s view specifically based on the lack of clear plan in the federal government’s side (AAP, 2011a). On a personal note, although the statements made by Abbott can be considered upfront, the government should at least have a clear view, plan, and resolution on the issue. This is important since the issue had been in question for a number of months already and that it is related to various aspects of the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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