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Summary Of Scholary Articles - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Literature- Summary The period of literature, or the literary era, has witnessed many authors, poets, dramatists and playwrights. Many popular and prominent names dwell in this time period. Some of them have proven to be staying in the limelight even in the modern phases of life…
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Summary Of Scholary Articles
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Extract of sample "Summary Of Scholary Articles"

Literature- Summary The period of literature, or the literary era, has witnessed many poets,dramatists and playwrights. Many popular and prominent names dwell in this time period. Some of them have proven to be staying in the limelight even in the modern phases of life. Among them are included William Blake and Emily Dickinson, who are still well-known in term of their literary works and are read and learnt in the textbooks too. Article 1: The Revolutionary Vision of William Blake The article unfolds with mentioning the prophetic poetry of William Blake, according to which, the body has been repressed, and the creation has been divided from God while the faiths and beliefs of the Christianity have been subdued by the Christian Churches (Thomas, n.d.). The writer is widely known to have the revolutionary vision and has been hailed as the greatest of the modern prophets. Blake’s poetic vision in his works is distinguished from his fellow predecessors in the way that it dialectically unifies the existence of Satan and Christ through the transfiguration of epic. Blake and Hegel, carried with them, a philosophy similar and parallel to the imaginative vision of one another, the example of which can be the enactment of death of God by both the poets in their works. Blake is also known as Gnostic visionary where he assumes the role of Satan himself and the idea of Self-Annihilation of God also takes roots in the works of Blake. He has also provided the enactment as imaginative and so poetic of the Passion of Christ that Schelling and others in the league would not have expressed. These apoplectic and imaginative visionaries are what make Blake unique among other writers of his decade. In him lies the revolutionary vision of the comprehensive realms, apart from Dante (William Blake, 1997). Through such imaginative domains, one can easily make out that Blake’s vision considers Satan as the primary entity. Thus, eternal death, along with the absolute necessity of Satan and the compassion of Christ is envisioned by Blake in his poetry and no one in his predecessors had portrayed such an apoplectic theological philosophy before. Article 2: The Beauty in Death: Emily Dickinson’s I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain Emily Dickinson was one of the greatest and famous poetesses of the nineteenth century. She portrayed the charm and beauty in death with a distinct touch and this has been the most occurring and prominent theme of all her poetic works. The poem I felt a funeral, in my brain has sufficiently dug the beauty of death from every perspective. The poems of Emily are full of energy, life, pleasantness and originality. She depicts her real thoughts and actual happenings of life in her poetic works. The poem taken here is the translation of its Chinese version done by the writer. The verses, rather the entire stanzas, depict the panic and the increasing chaos at the beginning of the funeral in a gentle way. It provides the reader a reflection into the feelings and sentiments when the soul divorces the body. The poem then expresses the sober, solemn and serious rituals of death and funeral. The images have been described fully in the poem. For instance, the image of ‘bell’ has been used to mark the end of the funeral service. The poet has come up with real creativity and original happenings (Emily Dickinson, 2009). The stanzas following the poem describe the burial and what precedes it. The ‘Hero’ is said to be very far away from this world at such a place which is known to be detached from the entire living world. Then, the poem is marked an end with the epilogue of the funeral where everything comes in the trap of death only. The poetess is popular for the amazing vocabulary and the creation of original impacts in her poetic works. She adequately embodies the beauty of death in both audio and video perspectives (Chen Jie, 2007). To be very precise, her work has touched creativity and eternity without designing any rhymes or some melodious flow. The poetess deals with even such harsh and horrible subjects in gentle and tender ways. She gives it the title of beauty and this is what is unique about her work. Works Cited CHEN Jie. The Beauty in Death: Emily Dickinson’s I felt a funeral in my brain. Sino-US English Teaching. Volume 4, 10 (46). 2007. Print. Emily Dickinson. The Poems of Emily Dickinson. General Books LLC. 2009. Print. Thomas J. J. Altizer. The Revolutionary Vision of William Blake. Journal of Religious Ethics. Blackwell Publishing Limited, n.d. Accessed Online. Retrieved on May12, 2011. William Blake, The Complete Poetry and Prose. Anchor, Revised Edition, 1997. Print. Read More
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