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Parent’s role in providing an appropriate education Student Date Parent’s role in providing an appropriate education Thesis: Write a report with objective determining whether all the efforts carried out by your family until now by trying to provide u with appropriate education for life justified or if some other form of activity should be conceived for your future career…
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BBA Communication 2
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Download file to see previous pages It is beautiful and it’s wonderful if it’s a product of a careful planning. Today’s life is full of opportunities, covering everyone from shoe menders to business investors. If one has some sort of skill it is easier to market them on sale, provided one knows where to and how to. However, there stands a difference between living a life and living it beautifully. Life becomes beautiful only when one could live up to see their dreams come true. Those dreams only come true if one acts to turn them into realities. I had always dream to study and practice my religion with grounds of inner beliefs considering no better profession other than this as purification of one’s soul. However, my family especially my parents had it altogether planned differently since the very beginning. Brief Background As a child, I had always been a quite friendly kid although I always had groups of kids to play with at school; I never had any one at home to share my feelings with. My mother was a drama actress; she had inculcated such profession even before marrying dad. She met dad who was one of the stage show organizer whom she later felt in love with and got married. I therefore belong to a family of showbiz people. This basically was the root cause of me and my sister’s subjects had nothing but arts in it. I watched time and noticed that my grandmother had already sign up her mom’s older sister for many extracurricular activities that she however subsequently dropped out of. As, mom became of age to sign up and was then willing to join such groups, her demands were refuse with statements by her parents, such as, “No, we don’t want to spend more funds to go wasted just the way your sister did.” My mother tried convincing her parents, but they didn’t agree. She always felt cheated for a chance to participate and an opportunity for lifetime. The consequences of this are what I today have to live up with such as pressurize over choosing any career but in the field of arts, music or drama. There was no freedom of choice what I wanted to do. No one ever felt the need to inquire my subject area of interest. Earlier Education – Age 4 and onwards Ever since I was a baby, I was made to listen to music and to catch the beat or copy the dance moves. There was a weekly dance contest between my sister and I, which I always used to lose. My sister used to imitate the best dancers; I would witness her pre-planning the dance routines with her friend or cousin and putting them then at family gatherings on a dance show. As was evident sooner my sister became one of leading artist of school plays. When I was finally old enough to sign up for dance and drama lessons, my mom jumped over, certain that I would love to be a part of it and perform like a star pupil due to her obvious budding talent and enthusiasm. The first class I burst into tears when the time came to go into the studio, I didn’t wanted to. The second class I braved going in but tried leaving room for a variety of reasons. Wishing that mom would sense my desire not to attain this education. But, nothing seems to work and the classes continued over a month and although I tried to show much lack of enthusiasm and interest I was still forced to join the group and participate. Parents Role – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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