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How to engage all parents into my classroom - Research Paper Example

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Engaging Parents in the Classroom Name Institution Date Engaging Parents in the Classroom Schoolteachers put in a lot of effort to ensure that the students perform excellently in their education. However, lone efforts from schoolteachers would not bring ultimate success if the parents were not involved in their children’s studies…
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How to engage all parents into my classroom
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Download file to see previous pages In a child's education, it is beneficial for all parents to be actively involved. Communicating with Parents Communication is a fundamental aspect when it comes to engaging parents in the classroom. This is because parents need the information concerning their children for suitable advice or action. Therefore, the school should set up appropriate ways that will ensure communication flows from the school staffs to the parents. Establishing various communication channels will ensure clear communication between the teachers and the parents. These channels include; formal and informal conversations through individual meetings, parents-teacher meetings, seminars and school events, agenda books that allow the teachers to write comments about the student’s behavior and academic performance and flyers bearing the teacher’s contact information. Phone calls can be made directly to the parents to inform them of their children’s academic performance and behavior. ...
The school should organize these educational opportunities but let the parents manage them. Parents can alternate roles and duties thus attracting more parents to contribute in the classes. This will provide an opportunity for the parents to interact with their children and the school staffs thus helping them engage in constructive activities. The classes can be organized in collaboration with relevant community organizations for example, if the topic is on health, community health organizations can be mobilized to offer insight (CDC, 2012). Parents can be involved in workshops and seminars on similar topics. Decision-making is a crucial role in a school, therefore, involving parents in it shows that the school’s leadership wants to invest in the parents. The parents see it as a partnership urging them to encourage their children and participate more in their schoolwork. Therefore, parents will be actively involved in the school’s activities after finding out that they are the decision makers (School Learning Support Program, 2010). Offering Volunteer Opportunities The school should organize volunteer activities and invite parents to participate in them by providing suitable positions. These activities assist in fostering free communication and interaction between the parents, the children and the school staff. Through these fun activities, parents can casually engage the teachers in conversations that would seem inappropriate for formal events. Some of the activities include; weekend games, environmental walks or tree planting events, feeding programs for the disabled or the homeless, after-school activities like aerobics, karate and cheerleading. Activities that can help enhance the skills of the students can also be incorporated for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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