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ISMG - Essay Example

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During the discussion at MDCM between the Information Technology (IT) department, Shawn Atkins, the Chief Financial Officer (CIO), and Max McMullen, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) many options were explored to repair the problems associated with the current state of the IT department…
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Download file to see previous pages Atkins, and many others in the MDCM IT department were already aware of this. MDCM, Inc. Strategic IT Portfolio Management, Page 2. During the meeting there were many options made available to the IT department. The IT department would implement new strategies in an effort to cut costs, and save the company money. McMullen has found blame for the companies loss of revenue in the previous five quarters on the IT department. McMullen hired Atkins to begin an assessment of the IT department, and to help the company begin posting profits again as soon as possible. Atkins began his position with an internal audit of the IT department. Some of the options discussed in the meeting were to create a company email. Every personnel who needed to communicate would be given their own email address. With a just one email address for everyone in the company this will filter out possible important information being filtered to the junk folder by the recipients email provider. The company was going to an overhaul the computer system within the organization. The company was going to update all computers throughout. Every computer would then operate with the same operating system. With the computers operate with the same operating system the computer would be compatible with each other. Currently there are computers with four types of operating systems. The computers are not compatible with each other. ...
The company will also create a website. The website will allow customers to order products directly from the site with no need to contact a representative in the organization. The website will allow a customer to leave an email message, and to contact the company if necessary. The company will implement new strategies for the different offices too effectively, and efficiently communicate with one another. The company will cut some of the labor force. The United States division of the company currently has the largest work force. The company will begin to eliminate some of the jobs. Every position the company eliminates will help the company save money. The company wanted to assess the situation, and develop the most effective solution to the company’s current situation. The company will use the savings of cutting some of the positions and appropriate the funds to the Information Technology department. Atkins requested an increase in the budget for the IT department. The company found they could not increase the current budget of the IT department without cutting costs elsewhere. The company, Atkins, and the leaders of the IT department have developed the strategy to cut some of the positions and re appropriate the funds to the IT department budget. With the extra funds available to the IT department the company will be permitted to implement the strategies, and recommendations made by Atkins, and other leaders of the IT department. When the company implements one network, this will be beneficial to the company. There can possibly be a strong financial gain to incorporating one network. In having only one network, the associates in France will communicate more efficiently, and effectively. The network will be one, so there will be no compatibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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